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 Today on my blog I have my good friend  the gorgeous, talented***** Holly J Gill***** She is celebrating the release of her new book Innocence.

 New Release

Thank you so much for hosting me on your site you are just amazing, wine and chocolates at the ready! I am delighted to be sharing the Innocence Series with you. I am truly excited by this contemporary sweet romance series being a different genre for me as I normally write erotica.

The series comes as

Innocence of Love
Breaking Innocence
Return To Innocence

Innocence Blurb
Book 1

Calvin Edwards has everything he could dream about— perfect lifestyle, running the family real-estate company back in London. He takes a holiday up north to visit his parents only to find a young pregnant woman attempting to take her life. Wishing to help, Calvin becomes a friend to her, only fears he’s out of his depth. Just when he thinks he can do this his past resurfaces, sending his life crashing.

Kacey is pregnant and her life is out of control with nowhere left to go. She descends on her mum for one last chance for help, only to have the door slammed in her face. At her wits end, she is alone, scared, and helpless until Calvin comes along. He becomes a dear friend giving her kindness, something she thought no longer existed in the world. Only she finds what she’d pushed to the back of her mind through selfish pain is back. Her past with all its mistakes has come back to life!

#NewRelease #Outnow #Sweetromance #buylinks and an #EXCLUSIVE Interview with Calvin Edwards from Innocence http://hollyjodygill.blogspot.com/2015/05/interview-with-calvin-edwards-from.html?spref=tw
#NewRelease #Outnow #Sweetromance #buylinks and an #EXCLUSIVE Interview with Calvin Edwards from Innocence http://hollyjodygill.blogspot.com/2015/05/interview-with-calvin-edwards-from.html?spref=tw

Excerpt Calvin Edwards

Calvin had no idea what the hell he was doing. He walked into the car park pondering whether he should call the police, longing for someone else to take over the extensive mess he’d somehow found himself in. He reached into his jeans pocket for his mobile phone, contemplating to call the police and have her picked up, get her some serious help, but he feared for her and the baby, and what would happen to them.
There was something in his mind calling out to him to help her. He saw his car and debated to climb in it and drive away as fast as he could, leaving her to deal with her own mess she had created. Clearly, she had been shameless. Otherwise, why would her parents turn their back on her, especially carrying a baby? But listening to what she had to say and how she got involved with a bad crowd, that could be enough to course any family break-up, or had she twisted the story about her parents to get sympathy?
He felt sick, there was no way he could take her back to his parents’ place, no way on this God’s living earth. She would take one look at the hall and see pound signs and lavish in his lifestyle, and there was no way he was going to be brought into her having his wallet. Hell, he had learned that over the years of being used and abused for his assets. Yes, his family was wealthy. Yes, they ran a hall and several businesses. Yes, he had the lifestyle many people would dream about, but he never took it for granted.
Okay, Calvin told a few white lies, he wasn’t living with anyone or had flatmates back in London. He owned the place out-right, worth millions, but wasn’t about to admit that. He lied about not owning the car and about going to prison. The nearest he’d been to the building was a school trip having a guided tour, that was it. He never considered himself being a swot, but he was brought up to respect people, their values, views, and lifestyles and clearly Kacey had some really serious issues on these.
He walked over to his BMW and leaned against the front wing, folding his arms across his chest, wondering what to do. He took a deep breath. His mind was all over the place searching for answers. If he couldn’t take her back home, and she certainly wasn’t welcome at her parents’ house, what would be the next option? He rubbed his chin and rolled his tongue over his teeth, thinking hard.

Kacey Richards

While she stood, waiting for her mum to finally show her face, things had changed drastically for her from being the prim and proper young girl into a woman who had no respect, lost her elegance, rough with no courteous or any thought for others, until getting shit on herself. Well, who really gave a fuck? The only time people helped you was when they needed something in return, hell I learned the hard way, like always!
The door opened and her mother stood before her, glaring at her like she was dirt.
“And what do I now owe the honour for this time?” she asked sarcastically lifting her brows. “We have discussed all that we needed to yesterday, now leave us alone,” she growled.
“Please, Mum. I need you.”
Her mum was about to shut the door when Kacey quickly jammed her foot into the frame. “Please. I am so sorry for all the trouble I have caused, but I have nothing and I mean nothing,” she pleaded.
“Well, you should have thought about that before spreading your legs and getting yourself in such condition.”
“Please, I never intended for this to happen, and you cannot blame the innocent child I’m carrying.”
“I’m not blaming the child. I’m blaming you,” she said cut throat.
“Fine. I understand that. But please we need your help.”
“You need my money more like. Do you think I am stupid? You’re going to rob us blind and run back to whatever trouble you are in,” she said thinning her eyes.
“No. I…we have finished. He wants nothing to do with me and this little one,” she said rubbing her tummy and glancing down, scrunching up her nose. Never had she felt so alone.
“I need somewhere for me to be safe.” Kacey lifted her head, gazing deeply into her mother’s harsh eyes, really needing her mum to stop being stubborn. After all, it was Kacey who had the problem with her parents, not the baby. Then thinking about it, she had disgraced the family.
“Look, I am sorry for disappearing all those years ago,” she said, keeping her foot lodged in the way as her mum attempted to close the door again.
“Move your foot,” her mum said sternly.
“Please, Mum.”
“You’re only here for money.”
“No, I need somewhere safe for myself and the little one.”
“Don’t you dare use the baby as the excuse,” she said, pointing her finger at Kacey, frowning.
“Please, Mum,” she said again pleading with her.
Her mum tried shutting the door again on her foot.
“Go away, and if you have any sense you will leave the village and not come back.”
Kacey moved her foot from the door. Her mum slammed the door shut. Kacey stood, staring at the large door not believing her mum could be so spiteful again, just like yesterday.  She felt like hitting her head against a brick wall. Her mum was just not prepared to listen; clearly she had shamed the family greatly. Her heart sunk to the pit of her stomach in anguish.

Author Holly J. Gill
A wife and a mum to three grown up children, and lives in the UK. Holly J. Gill is a romance writer, her main genre being erotic, romance and has recently been exploring new channels, paranormal and contemporary. Holly has been writing since being a young girl, having characters talking to her, and longing to get their stories written. Finally, her dream came true two years ago, when getting her first contract with Secret Cravings Publishing for her Desires series. In Holly’s spare time she loves spending quality time with her family, seeing friends for lunches and sharing her new potential ideas for books. She enjoys listening to music, watching movies and travelling around England visiting the beautiful countryside.
Writing is where Holly’s heart is… 
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