A Christmas To Remember

Hello from a very cold North Wales.

I am sitting at my desk, bundled up like a Michelin man. I can hardly move due to the restrictive layers of clothing. My skin is dry, my lips are chapped, and my hands are so dry from the cold that I find it hard to type.  Winter has arrived.

Thank goodness for fingerless gloves. 

I have lived in a small coastal town for two years. "I enjoy walking along the path beside the chilly Irish Sea."The view is breathtaking during the summer, but it can be harsh and frigid during the winter. 

It feels like Christmas is approaching faster every year. Is it just me, or does time fly? My grandchildren, all under four, are so excited that it brings back memories of those days I spent with my children.

Making decorations is fun, even with glitter everywhere and fingers glued together. When they see Santa Claus, or Father Christmas, as my three-year-old grandson corrects me, there is a sparkle on their faces that is quite mesmeric.

Watching children's excitement during the holiday season brings joy to our eyes.

I have a book of three Christmas stories called A Christmas To Remember. You can find it at most ebook retailers.

Enjoy it with a mug of cocoa by a cozy fire.


Winter Time

 Hello again,

I hope this message finds you well. How's the weather treating you? Is it cold where you are, or are you still enjoying the warmth of the sun? As for me, I'm feeling quite chilly at the moment. I'm sitting at my desk, bundled up in two layers of clothes, including socks. The only thing I'm not doubling up on is my bra. Thankfully, I don't need to, since they're ample enough.😏


What do you typically do during your free time at this time of year? Luckily, I have a variety of hobbies to keep me busy.

 My day starts at 7:15 a.m., and I wake up with my cat, Molly. Although she prefers to stay still in the mornings, she usually cuddles up by my head. When I wake up some mornings, my cat sits on my chest, glaring at me with her two green eyes, clearly annoyed that I have disturbed her sleep.😁




Usually, I don't arrive at my workplace, which is just forty steps away in my bedroom, until 9:30 am, and I stay there until 4:30–5 pm. During the second half of the day, I start by responding to emails and making social media posts. I try my best to avoid getting distracted by Pinterest until the end of the day.


After spending my mornings doing research, I write for the rest of the day, which I love.💖



In the evenings, I enjoy reading, crocheting, and painting—my newest hobby. I find solace in engaging in activities that allow me to unwind and tap into my creative side. These hobbies provide a much-needed escape from the stress that often accompanies my work.

Thank you for visiting!


My latest two books of a series of three, the final one to be published soon!




Life takes us on a journey from time to time, and sometimes we forget to stop and breathe. We tend to overlook ourselves and our desires. However, taking care of us is not a bad thing, especially in this ever-changing world of uncertainties, time, and age.

In September of 2022, I went on a holiday trip to my friend's house in North Carolina. She had looked after me when we were children and still takes care of me whenever I visit her. During my stay, I had the privilege of meeting and staying with another friend, who was a ninety-five-year-old treasure. She was full of energy and had a charming personality. I was amazed by her cute quirks, sparkling eyes, and a smile that could take anyone's breath away. 

I loved the fact that she still painted her toenails, wore lipstick, and styled her clothes when we dined out. I was terrified when she whizzed around her property on a golf cart, but it was incredibly fun. 

However, I was devastated when I received the news of her passing. It was heartbreaking since only four months ago, I was with her helping her tidy out her wardrobe. Now I had to send flowers to a funeral I couldn't attend.

As we age, we realize that life becomes more compact, and people become more important than material possessions. I was grateful for the chance to stay with my friend. It was as if she knew that we wouldn't see each other again.

Rest in peace, Mema