North Carolina

Sitting out on the porch drinking coffee first thing in the morning is a regular occurrence for my friends. However for me it's an experience that never ceases to surprise me. The heat for one thing is usually in the eighties or nineties, the sun is shining, the sky is Carolina blue and the sound of the water fountain is relaxing.

The views are endlessly green, with the soy bean fields in the distance. The banana tree has sprouted a new leaf since I first arrived but no fruit as of yet. The beautiful Crepe Myrtles are a dusky pink and in full flower it’s like looking out into paradise.

I’m not saying that where I live on the beautiful Island of Anglesey isn't gorgeous because the views are outstanding and it has many pretty plants, sandy beaches and more besides. For anyone who hasn’t been to my island you’re missing a massive treat but be prepared to get wet because we have a lot of rain!
When I’m visiting North Carolina I get both the views and the weather.

I can't believe that this is my final week here; the time has flown as it always does when I visit. In four days I will be getting ready for my flight home which will be a whole new ball game as I try to stem the growing nerves that I know will be billowing in my tummy, don't get me wrong I don't dislike flying I just always seem to either get lost, forget my boarding pass or nearly miss my flight.

It’s a daunting task these days flying internationally especially when you're travelling alone. The security screening is vigilant and quite rightly so but why oh why every-time I go through security do bells ring at all angles? I'll tell you why because I'm one of those silly passengers that keep forgetting that there phone is in their back pocket.

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The Baby Contract by Olivia Starke
Genre(s): Erotic Contemporary Romance
Digital ISBN: 9781940744339
Length: Novel
Price: $4.99
Having a baby is Abby's dream. Will Liam's enemies stop her happily ever after?
Liam Whitmore III is floored by the surprise stipulation in his father's will—provide an heir within one year or he'll lose the controlling portion of Whitmore Incorporated to his cousin Spencer. The corporation is Liam's life. He'll do anything to keep his cousin's hands off of it, including finding a woman who'll bear his child. Though finding the right woman seems an impossible task since he doesn't have room in his life for anything except running the company. He doesn't want a wife, just an heir.
Abby Haden's family is about to lose their ranch, the only life her ailing father and brother have ever known. She feels helpless and is desperate to help. When the most coveted bachelor in Austin, Liam Whitmore III, also known as the Takeover Tyrant, offers to pay her to have his child it seems too incredible to be true. She's all but given up hope of ever having a baby. Not only will her dream of being a mother come true, but she can also save the family ranch.
It was just supposed to be a business deal, but Abby and Liam find it hard to keep their hearts out of what it takes to make a baby. Even as they sort out their feelings, others have their eye on Whitmore Incorporated. Liam and Abby will soon discover how far they'll go to make sure Abby never produces that heir.
Content Warning: contains graphic sex, explicit language, mild violence, and a heroine with a history of domestic abuse

The Baby Contract – Excerpt
Abby closed her eyes tight and pressed send on her phone. Liam's phone rang once, twice, three times. A bit relieved, she waited to be routed to his voicemail.
"Liam Whitmore's office."
She sucked in a hard breath and nearly dropped the phone. "Uh…hi…this is Abby Haden, Abigail Haden that is."
"Yes, Miss Haden," the receptionist said quickly. "Please hold."
Several seconds passed.
"This is Liam."
"I…" Abby paused, searching her heart one last time. Her grip on her cellphone tightened, and her courage failed. "I…I…"
"What's the holdup?" Liam asked, his voice gruff.
She flinched. "H-holdup?" she stammered.
"Seven hundred fifty thousand dollars, and that's the final offer, Miss Haden. Take it or leave it."
Abby blinked. "That's not—"
"Take it or leave it," Liam interrupted. "I want an answer now."
His brisk tone set her on edge and raised her ire.
Her courage returned. "Fine, but I have a requirement."
His pause felt tangible through the phone, and she feared he'd had second thoughts. Not that she'd back down from her decision.
"What is it?" He nearly growled the question.
She filled her lungs with air. "I want two hundred fifty thousand upon conception, the rest after the baby is born."
Another pause. "We have a deal." His anger had disappeared, his voice holding no hint of emotion.
Abby blew out her pent-up breath. "Okay, good. I've been unable to find a clinic for the…the artificial, um, you know." She placed a cool palm on her flaming hot cheek. If it was possible to die from embarrassment, she'd be a goner for sure.
"I'm not following you, Miss Haden," Liam said. She heard papers shuffling in the background. "I'll have the contract drawn up."
"Artificial insemination," Abby blurted out.
"Artificial insemination?" He sounded taken aback. "I hadn't considered any such thing."
Abby frowned in confusion. "How else are we going to get me pregnant?"
Liam's laughter echoed through the phone. Rich and throaty, it sent a hot tingle down Abby's spine. Goose bumps broke out over her skin.
"Miss Haden, there are such pleasurable ways of making a baby that are quite successful," he said, his voice dropping to a deep rumble over the phone. Abby took a shuddering breath as it did obscene things to her insides. His tone returned to its more business-like manner. "I have a cabin in Aspen. As soon as your cycle is at the most likely time for you to conceive we'll fly up there for a week," he said. "AI would take too much time," he added.
"I-I didn't plan on that," Abby stuttered, her mind reeling. Sex hadn't been in the equation when she'd made her decision. Sex? With Liam? Oh my God. Her heart kicked into overdrive. "Look, Mr. Whitmore—"
"I'll set up an appointment with my physician for STD tests. Can you be there tomorrow afternoon by, say…" He paused briefly. "Three-thirty?"
"Mr. Whitmore, I—"
"Do you know when you'll most likely ovulate again?"
Abby blinked, she was being steamrolled.
"Miss Haden, it's a simple question. I need to know."
She looked at her calendar, she'd already figured up the days in case she'd gotten an appointment at one of the clinics she called. "Um, next week, but listen—"
Liam pushed on. "I'll have everything set up. We can leave for Aspen late Sunday evening. My personal assistant will be in touch tomorrow morning to give you directions to my physician's office."
"Mr. Whitmore, there's no way I can get off work for a week on such short notice. It's Tuesday," she insisted, trying to backpedal.
"It's taken care of. Don't worry, Abigail," he said.
The sound of her given name rolling off his tongue caught her off guard. It stopped her next objection dead in its tracks.
"What's your contact number?" he asked.
Abby gave him her cellphone number.
After a quick 'thank you' Liam hung up, leaving Abby in a bit of a stupor. His driven personality explained his business success, as well as the rumored success he had with women. He was a raging river and she had been helplessly swept along in its current.


To pedicure...or not! I just have never seen the need to have one...I mean it's easy enough to care for your own feet...isn't it?

Oh my God...I had one and I'm converted. It was one of the best experiences...ever! My feet and calves were soaked, massaged and creamed until they were baby soft. Then my nails were coiffed to perfection. And if that wasn't enough the sweet lady who did my feet then proceeded to paint flowers on my toenail and add artistic and pretty.

Loved it!