America 2013

America 2013
For the last four years I have been going to America…Moyock North Carolina to be precise. I stay with my long-time friend and her family. Dianne and I have been friends since we went to school together in Scotland forty plus years ago. After not seeing each other for forty years it was a great surprise when my friend contacted me through friends reunite and since then have become even closer.

It’s like my second home and second family where her husband and two sons make me feel so at home I always feel very sad when I leave. Sometimes I stay for six weeks but this time I could only stay for three and a half weeks and one of those weeks was going to be spent at their beach house at Nags Head.

I was so excited to do this, just imagine waking up to the sounds of the Atlantic Ocean on your doorstep and that’s what it was. About a dozen steps took me to the decking area where we stepped onto the beach.
That first morning we got up at 5am to see the sunrise and it was spectacular. There I sat with my coffee, the warmth of the North Carolina sunshine and the melodic sounds of the water lapping at the golden sand and I thought I was in heaven. I breathed in the warm air and closed my eyes and just let all my cares and worries drift away.

There were two great sights I had while I was there, the dolphins playing close to the shore which was mesmeric and an eight foot Butterfly female Stingray which had washed up on the shore. It was enormous, and I made sure I stayed away from its ferocious looking tail until I knew it was dead.

Butterfly Stingray                                                                    


Nags Head Beach