A Christmas To Remember

Hello from a very cold North Wales.

I am sitting at my desk, bundled up like a Michelin man. I can hardly move due to the restrictive layers of clothing. My skin is dry, my lips are chapped, and my hands are so dry from the cold that I find it hard to type.  Winter has arrived.

Thank goodness for fingerless gloves. 

I have lived in a small coastal town for two years. "I enjoy walking along the path beside the chilly Irish Sea."The view is breathtaking during the summer, but it can be harsh and frigid during the winter. 

It feels like Christmas is approaching faster every year. Is it just me, or does time fly? My grandchildren, all under four, are so excited that it brings back memories of those days I spent with my children.

Making decorations is fun, even with glitter everywhere and fingers glued together. When they see Santa Claus, or Father Christmas, as my three-year-old grandson corrects me, there is a sparkle on their faces that is quite mesmeric.

Watching children's excitement during the holiday season brings joy to our eyes.

I have a book of three Christmas stories called A Christmas To Remember. You can find it at most ebook retailers.

Enjoy it with a mug of cocoa by a cozy fire.