DAY OUT with my grandsons

 The best bit about being a grandma is being able to spoil your grandchildren and then at the end of the day, give them back to their parents...only teasing...I love them to pieces.

Cjay is two and a half and Trystan is just under two and already they both have their own little personalities. I never thought that I would enjoy being a grandma so much, just hearing them call my name makes my heart melt.

I went out with my son and his son Cjay and my daughter's son Trystan to a place called Pili Palas. It had a soft play area inside, where there were butterflies, birds, snakes, and lots of creepy crawlies. Then outside there were some huge pigs, tiny goats, and an outside play area.

The two boys loved it and played so well together. Although Trystan is the smaller of the two he had no problem keeping up with his super-fast cousin Cjay.

Here are some pics of the day.


BIG BIRTHDAY...shush!!



          I recently celebrated a big birthday and with the current covid restrictions we couldn’t celebrate as I wanted. I had this idea of going out to eat and having my whole family around me. However, there was no way in which that would be possible.

                My son Chris couldn't come to see me on my birthday, so he visited the day before with my eldest grandson, who is the tender age of two and four months. Cjay always climbs up the stairs to my apartment shouting "Grandma, Grandma, and I wait for him at the top before sweeping him into my arms...

                We went for lunch and Chris took me shopping at a very nice jewellery store. He bought me a bracelet that made my eyes water at the price. There were three charms that he chose himself, a typewriter, a heart with my birthstone, also a golden heart which is intricately weaved in a filigree design.


                As it happened my birthday was on the day I look after one of my very beautiful grandsons. My daughter who is a teacher had already left for work, but the massive balloons with my age on (as if I needed reminding!!) met me at the door with Trystan, my youngest grandson at the tender age of 20 months.

                "Grandma, grandma," he shouted with his arms out for me to lift him. My heart melts every time that happens. 

                My daughter and sister bought me a present that is something I've always wanted to do, a night away to go and watch The Nutcracker Suite ballet. I cannot wait until the day, March 5th arrives. I think a new dress is in order.

I also had a spa day and lots of other presents including a bracelet with my grandson's initials on precious!

                I had a wonderful day and it was ended with a takeaway of halloumi wraps and fries...delicious.


Trystan & Cjay