Seduced By His Desire

Kent Lloyd’s heart was beating faster than it ever had before. This had been a mistake. He shouldn’t have let his emotions dictate his body. Fuck, he should have known better. He knew he would leave her, he wasn’t ready for this kind of shit.
But he couldn’t help but pull Jasmine closer, just for a short while. She curled around him, her thigh between both of his and her hand resting across his lower abdomen. He could tell by the soft sounds of her breathing that she was asleep. He’d never known a woman like her, all prim and proper on the outside but warm and fiery on the inside.
Jack and Rose had married the night before. It had been a small wedding on the Ocracoke Island where Daisy, Rose’s sister, had a house that she and her husband Micah used now and then. Although they didn’t live there permanently, it seemed that whenever there was a family thing they all always ended up there.
Unable to resist Jasmine any longer, Kent had given into the temptation. He’d tried to fight it each and every time they met, but it had been agony. Perhaps they’d both had a little too much to drink, but he found that highly unlikely.
Jasmine made him lose control, she made him seduce her, and he promised himself that he would never let another woman do that to him. Kent ignored the need to slip inside her again and drew the covers back to swing his legs to the floor.
He looked for his clothes, his eyes becoming accustomed to the dark. He shook his head as he remembered taking them off as they climbed the stairs. Jesus, Daisy would have his balls if she ever found out what he’d done.
He turned his head to look at her, and he stroked a finger down her cheek. His stomach roiled with regret—regret at what he’d done, and regret at what he was about to do. He knew that they would see each other again, but Jasmine wasn’t the type of woman to say anything, she knew it was just a once only thing.
Fucking hell, that made him sound cold.
He stood up, naked, and strode toward the door, then turned to look at her once more. She was half covered with a thin sheet, her voluptuous breasts were on display, and he felt a desire in him that was so strong he nearly ripped the door out of the frame. He stepped out, gathering his scattered clothes, thankful that everyone had gone. He dressed and made his way outside.

Kent breathed in the early morning air, but it did nothing to take away the bitter taste of what he’d done. Reaching for the handle of his rented car, he opened it, got inside, and quietly shut the door. The engine spluttered to life when he turned the key in the ignition. Fighting the urge to look behind him, he headed in the direction of the small runway.