Put a smile on someone's face!

You know there's nothing in this world like the smile on someones face when you give them a an unexpected present, I'm addicted to it. I am one of those people who genuinely loves to by gifts...not to receive back but just to see the pleasure from the recipients face. I remember a Christmas family party I gave and I organised wrapped presents for all the children to be delivered by Santa Claus ( am I aloud to say his name?? I don't care if I'm not! ) the absolute excitement and pleasure on there face's was priceless and unforgettable.

I have decided that I will be having another party this year to celebrate my signing a publishing contract and because I want to. I am busily now trying to decide on all the little gifts I am going to present to everyone, most of my nieces and nephews are older now and don't believe in Santa...but they still like to get gifts and I still might get Santa himself to deliver them...I know the big man, he is on my iPhone contacts...lol  And I rather fancy a sit on his lap !
Everyone has to dress up it's my only stipulation.

Happy today because I have finished my second book, I'm just waiting for my editor to come back of her holidays and it will be winging its way into her email box. Giving myself tomorrow off and then its back to the grindstone with book three...I love my job!

Hoping to see the cover of my first book'Her Passionate Protector' (due out in November) sometime in the next few weeks... I'm very excited to see my name on the cover of a book that I wrote, its so surreal.

Autumn has arrived, the leaves are falling, the new autumnal colour's are exquisite. It's time to burn those delicious cinnamon candles, wear warm sweaters and breathe the fresh crispy air...I love it! Its time for me to make my Christmas cake, for the last twenty six years I have always made my own but since my dad died I stopped doing it, he died four years ago (October 30th) and it was the strangest transformation for me I changed and the way I did things changed me...for the better.

Dilys J Carnie Contemporary Romance Author : Dilys J Carnie Contemporary Romance Author : Life ...

Dilys J Carnie Contemporary Romance Author : Dilys J Carnie Contemporary Romance Author : Life ...: Dilys J Carnie Contemporary Romance Author : Life Is Just To Damn Short : I am reminded today how precious life is as a friend of my husband...

Dilys J Carnie Contemporary Romance Author : Life Is Just To Damn Short

Dilys J Carnie Contemporary Romance Author : Life Is Just To Damn Short: I am reminded today how precious life is as a friend of my husband's looses her fight with cancer leaving behind a young daughter , a husban...

Life Is Just Too Damn Short

Tuesday, 18 September 2012
Life Is Just Too Damn Short

I am reminded today how precious life is a friend of my husband's loses her fight with cancer leaving behind a young daughter, a spouse, family, and many friends...How sad for a young girl to grow up without the pleasure of knowing her mother and how precious she was.

We wake up every morning thinking that life is just one long continuation of minutes, days, months, years without even a thought of how precious every one of those seconds is. Routine takes over, and we become so engrossed in becoming super-mums or super-dads that the only thing missing from our wardrobes are our red capes.

I've been there and been the mom who does everything, convinced that everyone needs me, and no one can survive without me but as is said above for that poor mom who lost her young life to a disease that is soul destroying to the ones left behind.life is just too damn short. We are on this planet for such a short time, some longer than others, and in the daily lives of surviving day to day we sometimes forget that it isn't our right to wake up every morning it’s a gift.


Why is is that dogs love to chase post men/woman? Is it the uniform? Do they have a scent that dogs just don't like? Who knows, but my dog Jim is a little Jack Russel and he hates the post man, quite honestly it's a fight as to who gets to the post box first. Jim sits by the window all day if need be and just waits...and waits...and waits. Our post man is terrified of him, possibly that might be because Jim chased him through the village and the post man only made it back to his van by the skin of his teeth.  Today he managed to get to the post box before me and totally ripped my new Nora Roberts book to pieces, he is now in the 'dog house'!!!

Okay what's the deal with flat pack furniture?
It says you need one person to put it together when quite clearly one would never be enough to hold all the bits and pieces together. It's so frustrating, in the end I had some sort of scaffolding underneath everything to hold it up and something that was only meant to take twenty minutes took me nearly an hour and a half. Now does that give the indication that I'm just stupid or the person who designed it needs brain surgery ??

I am now opening a bottle of Lindeman's Cabernet Sauvignon and letting it breath and get to the correct temperature before I pure myself a large glass of this delicious Chilean wine. It's a gorgeous ruby red in colour with subtle hints of oak embraced with dark berry fruits and big juicy plums. The aroma is distinctively fruity but not sweet.

I think a dvd is in order and some chocolate to finish of an extremely frustrating day and the dvd is going to be 'Nights In Rodanthe' and I'm excited to watch this because I have visited where they filmed this movie and I'm keen to see how much different the movie is as opposed to the book. Nicholas Sparks actually lives in North Carolina where I have been holidaying for the last two years where I have been three times.

Despite my day I have managed to write another three and a half thousand words which was a miracle in it's self!!

Dilys J Carnie: Welcome!

Dilys J Carnie: Welcome!: Welcome to my blog! I am a Contemporary Romance Author who has recently signed a contract with Secret Cravings Publishing and this blog wi...

Dilys J Carnie: My body is here but my mind is on the beach !!

Dilys J Carnie: My body is here but my mind is on the beach !!: The nights are now drawing in and Autumn is upon us,the tree's are starting to loose there leaves as they fall crumpled and dead to the grou...


Okay so today I went to the gym which I do most days, I love to do Pilates and cardio, my favotite apparatus at the moment is the cross trainer...wow does that machine make you work hard.My usually tidy hair looked like a birds nest on a bad day, my make-up( okay I hear you all...makeup in the gym? I'm vain and I don't apologies for it) disintegrated into streaks that looked like the three lanes on the M6 motorway. However I came away smiling knowing that the chocolate fudge flapjack I had this morning was well and truly obliterated from my ass.

The never ending pile of laundry was waiting for me and while switching on my  laptop  in my office I set to it, also making a large pot of coffee and a very guilt free smoothie...I am so good at the multi-tasking, but aren't all woman? Why is it that men can only do one thing at a time? What is with that, if you ask them to do one thing, they can't talk, or be involved in any other task except what they have been asked to do and personally I find it easier to just do the job myself...I'm a very self contained kinda 'girl' (I'm a woman, I keep forgetting that half a century has passed me by) I laugh some what at the thought of being that old. I seem to have done more with my life over the past ten years than when I was younger and had the time and no responsibilities...life is strange!!

My dog Lucy has been poorly today, she has good and bad days. A couple of years ago I found out that she had major back problems and had to have lots of treatment which involved hydrotherapy and she got a little better but it has returned with a vengeance and I have had to book more treatments in the vets pool. Not only that she is going blind...my poor lou lou she has suffered somewhat through out her short life of eight years, but I keep plodding on with her and giving her the best treatment I can.

So I have typed six thousand words today and my second book is coming on nicely, this will be part of a four book series about four brothers. I love to read books that come in a series so writing one just seemed like a natural progression in my writing career. And so another day has ended,September already where does the time go??

Chesapeake...U.S.A Beautiful !!

Okay so I just recently came back from a six week stay in America...North Carolina to be exact.
And I can tell you...it was hot !!

Boy, even the sand was hot enough to cook my feet. However the inspiration for my second book came from a beautiful place called Chesapeake...and I sigh as I say that name. The blue waters of the bay gently lapping in the soft gentle breeze lulled me into an idea for my next book. Four brothers, a ranch and complexities to turn there lives inside out by four woman, strong and weak, beautiful and wounded, cold and loving. Out came my pad and pencil as I jotted down pertinent research for these four books. Ah...life is hard !!

Off course as I finish each book and start another I need to go back and research some more...some would say it was an excuse to go back to this beautiful place...and you could be right...but I love to write and make up stories that bring not only a smile to my face but I hope to a lot of other people and if I can do it in the surroundings that give me a great deal of pleasure...why not!

As I finish up for the day, my fingers cramping from writing nearly eight thousand words, my eyes are almost closed because they hurt to stay open and my back almost doubled over and I think to myself "are you crazy?" What kind of person puts themselves through that? Well I gotta tell you, I am that crazy person who just loves what they do. And although I go to bed, exhausted, sore and weary I will get up in the morning and start all over again...That's what authors do!!!


Welcome to my blog!

I am a Contemporary Romance Author who has recently signed a contract with Secret Cravings Publishing and this blog will be about my life as a writer as I see it and live it.

My first book is coming out in November 2012 'Her Passionate Protector'. My second book is almost finished and books three, four and five are drafted ready for me to begin.

I never thought that I would ever get this far as an author, so at the ripe age of fifty it is a dream come true and I am here to profess that life really does begin at fifty and I have done things in the last few years that I never in my wildest dreams though that I would ever accomplish.

So hang on to your hats and I will take you on a journey that has been sad, happy ,encouraging  and exciting !