Thursday, 8 February 2018

It's A Cats Life

Last year I made the big decision to have a cat. And so Molly appeared into my life like a ray of sunshine. So tiny and timid, but yet bravely independent, and from that second on she has become one of the best things I did in 2017.

Almost a year old she has her own personality, bossy, loving and so very playful. It's nothing for me to wake up with her toys on my face while she tries to prise my eyes open with her paw.

She scared the life out of me the first time she did that, Molly's face was so close to mine I could feel her breath on my skin.

Now I can't imagine being without her.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017




Falling in love was never the plan.

Max Harvey was only supposed to spend a few days in the UK to solve a problem in his aero designs and then return home to the US in time for Christmas. But that was before he bumped into the hotel maid.

When Talia Wolf was suddenly thrust into the role of parent to her five-year-old nephew, Charlie, she had to give up the archaeologist career she loved. Now she spends her days at a job she hates, barely making ends meet, as she and Charlie move from place to place, trying to stay one step ahead of Charlie's drug-addicted father.

Two people who had never had time for love, but when they met sparks flew. With Christmas only a few weeks away is there a chance that they're just a wish away from happiness?

Content Warning: contains adult language and explicit sex

Friday, 22 December 2017

A Christmas To Remember

A Christmas To Remember


Enjoy a little holiday romance…


Skye Foster heads off to a remote Scottish village for Christmas, hoping to find some peace and quiet. However, she didn't count on crossing paths with Callum McIntyre, the man who broke her heart ten years ago. Even worse, now she's snowed in with him at his cottage…trapped. Will she be able to resist his charms…and does she really want to?

Callum never expected to run into the woman whose heart he once broke. She's still as gorgeous and stubborn as ever. He let her go once, and he won't make the same mistake again. But he knows it will be extremely difficult to convince her to give him another chance.


After surviving a serious illness Holly Berry is grateful to be alive, so she has a new bucket list. No more nice girl. This year her wish for Santa is sure to put her on the naughty list.

Noah Miller volunteers to plays Santa Claus at Snowdrop House where Holly's parents take in children who need temporary care. He's surprised to find a very grown-up Holly sitting on his knee. He's known her for years, but the sexy words she whispers in his ear has him raising his eyebrows. However, he's more than willing to accommodate her.

Noah would have never guessed that a Santa costume and twenty-four hours would make such a difference to his Christmas. Will this sexy little bundle of fun who rocks his world change his future too?


Belle Jones never did anything that wasn't planned…that was until she met Ethan Thompson one steamy afternoon. Now, six months later, he's come looking for her, but he's about to discover more than he bargained for. Their passionate encounter resulted in a pregnancy.

Following the death of her beloved grandmother, Belle is trying to come to terms with her first Christmas on her own. But when Ethan arrives at her doorstep, he throws all her plans out the window and leaves her with a decision to make—go it alone or accept the help that he offers?

Once Ethan discovers he's going to be a father, he's determined to marry Belle, but she's just as determined not to marry merely because she's pregnant.

Content Warning: these stories contains adult language and explicit sex

Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Joseph Pilates was born in Germany on the 9th of December 1883 and developed an exercise that helped with balance, breathing, control and some medical conditions.

He firmly believed that mental and physical health were united, and I agree which is why it’s an integral part of my life. 

This exercise is known as Pilates, and early in the latter part of the twentieth century, he developed his own method of exercises that now is practiced by millions of people me included.

I have a back condition called Spondylolisthesis which is an ailment where one vertebra slips forward over the one below it.

I have had surgeries to help with this but the one thing that keeps me and my back strong is Pilates which I have been practicing since 2009.

 An apparatus known as an Aero Pilates machine is something that I could not manage without. It strengthens my core, which in turn keeps my back strong and supple. I firmly believe I would be crippled if I didn’t do Pilates which is why it’s a daily part of my life.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Seduced By His Desire

Kent Lloyd’s heart was beating faster than it ever had before. This had been a mistake. He shouldn’t have let his emotions dictate his body. Fuck, he should have known better. He knew he would leave her, he wasn’t ready for this kind of shit.
But he couldn’t help but pull Jasmine closer, just for a short while. She curled around him, her thigh between both of his and her hand resting across his lower abdomen. He could tell by the soft sounds of her breathing that she was asleep. He’d never known a woman like her, all prim and proper on the outside but warm and fiery on the inside.
Jack and Rose had married the night before. It had been a small wedding on the Ocracoke Island where Daisy, Rose’s sister, had a house that she and her husband Micah used now and then. Although they didn’t live there permanently, it seemed that whenever there was a family thing they all always ended up there.
Unable to resist Jasmine any longer, Kent had given into the temptation. He’d tried to fight it each and every time they met, but it had been agony. Perhaps they’d both had a little too much to drink, but he found that highly unlikely.
Jasmine made him lose control, she made him seduce her, and he promised himself that he would never let another woman do that to him. Kent ignored the need to slip inside her again and drew the covers back to swing his legs to the floor.
He looked for his clothes, his eyes becoming accustomed to the dark. He shook his head as he remembered taking them off as they climbed the stairs. Jesus, Daisy would have his balls if she ever found out what he’d done.
He turned his head to look at her, and he stroked a finger down her cheek. His stomach roiled with regret—regret at what he’d done, and regret at what he was about to do. He knew that they would see each other again, but Jasmine wasn’t the type of woman to say anything, she knew it was just a once only thing.
Fucking hell, that made him sound cold.
He stood up, naked, and strode toward the door, then turned to look at her once more. She was half covered with a thin sheet, her voluptuous breasts were on display, and he felt a desire in him that was so strong he nearly ripped the door out of the frame. He stepped out, gathering his scattered clothes, thankful that everyone had gone. He dressed and made his way outside.

Kent breathed in the early morning air, but it did nothing to take away the bitter taste of what he’d done. Reaching for the handle of his rented car, he opened it, got inside, and quietly shut the door. The engine spluttered to life when he turned the key in the ignition. Fighting the urge to look behind him, he headed in the direction of the small runway.

Friday, 21 July 2017


Title: Italian Playboy
Author: Holly J. Gill
Genres: #Romantic #Erotica #BDSM  #adult #language #18+ #HollyJGill #Italianplayboy

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Can A Playboy Ever Be Tamed?

I’m an arrogant, self-righteous Italian guy who only thinks through one thing… I never see the same woman twice – it’s my rule. I throw the most outrageously wicked and sexy parties for my own satisfaction and relish on women like I do my fine dining. I’m a playboy by day and a playboy by night. They call me the Italian Playboy and I love it! Only, all of that changed one night when a dark haired beauty stepped into one of my sex parties. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I had to have her. But no sooner than my eyes had met her naked body, she was gone. I had to find her. And I wouldn’t stop until I did.💕 EXCERPT💕
“Okay so you want grand, extreme and flamboyant.
How about I put some ideas together and send them over?”
“Are you not bringing them to me?”
“Tut, tut,” he said, wagging his finger at me. “Correction, you will bring them to me. I like the personal touch,” he quirked the corner of his mouth and winked.
He walked away like some goddamn prince.
“I think we should call a meeting ASAP.” I called after him.
“Absolutely, tomorrow, but remember,” he said, stood at the other side of the room, “I’m a busy man. I don’t hang around.”
He ambled back towards me. I stood digesting he
“I can make some plans and see what you think.”
“Perfect, by the way cute ass and that blouse does nothing for your tits.”
“I wasn’t aware I asked your opinion.”
“You didn’t, but I bet when you’re wearing the right clothes you look scorching.” He wagged his brow.
The man clearly loved himself.
“Anyway, I need to be leaving. I have to put ideas together, if you could send me your e-mail address I can send ideas to you.”
“Bring your ideas to me. We have already discussed this it will give me a chance to admire you again, we could have a drink,” he cheekily grinned.
“I am simply working here on a project, not here for you to drool over.”
“Shame, I was hoping to try and get in your knickers, if you wear them, but looking at you, I’d say you’re wearing those big unsexy pants."
I choked on my saliva.
“Do you hold no shame?”
“No, not really, I am addicted to pussy. Now, I want you to bring the designs to me, no further ifs or buts…I am the one paying for you and expect,” he in fumed me with his cologne. “Something mind-fucking-blowing. If you catch my drift.”
I agreed.
“Fine, I will put some ideas together and bring them to you tomorrow."
“You’re leaving so soon,” he said, disappointed.
“I am a busy woman, Mr. Valentino. I have another client to see today.”
“I hope he doesn’t stare at your ass and tits."
I shot him a glare, narrowing my eyes.
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Thursday, 20 July 2017


Always And Forever Together




Always and Forever Together by Dilys J. Carnie

Can Maisy overcome the pain of her past and find happiness?

When Maisy sold her home in the UK and moved to the North Carolina coast with her much loved dog Elsa, she never imagined that she would find love. It certainly wasn’t something she was looking for. Maisy doesn’t want to be happy. After the loss and heartbreak of her recent past, she doesn’t believe she deserves happiness. She’s just trying to get through each day the best she can.

Jarrod is mesmerized by the woman and her dog who walk past his beach house every day. When he realizes that they met one summer many years ago, it stirs up hidden emotions. But Maisy has been to hell and back and he isn’t sure that she’s ready for the instant chemistry between them.

Can Jarrod and Maisy find love beneath a thousand stars?

Content Warning: contains adult language and explicit sex

Genre(s): Contemporary Romance