Yoga A Better Approach To Life

Yoga and a better approach to life

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual, ascetic discipline which is a mixture of breath and muscle control. In using simple meditation technique this will bring your breath and body into one single element of being.

Yoga is fundamentally a cleansing process. Committing to a regular practice eliminates our bodies of nasty toxins, not just physically but spiritually as well. The great emphasis on breathing will create awareness deep into your soul and beyond. This will help to let go of any burdens that are weighing heavily on your shoulders. The internal rubbish that we accumulate inside of us will diminish with every breath you take each pore of your skin being purified and open to take in each clean breath.

Practise is not easy, all requires concentration and muscle control. The power of yoga is can be intensely soul cleansing, it has brought me through many hard times where I have needed to understand my inner chaotic emotions. The breaths are smooth, thoughtful and extremely energising.

Meditation is the art of focussing on one single thing. Breathing is the key element to this practice. Focussing the mind onto one point is actually very hard to do; completely clearing the mind of everything is sometimes very frustrating when things keep popping up. This is where I think a mantra is needed. It doesn't have to be the same thing; it can be just one word or a few words. Saying this in your mind over and over will stabilise and eliminate any other pesky thoughts that try to creep in. When you start to feel you limbs relax and your breathing flow slowly and freely you know you’re on the right path to total relaxation as you've never experienced.