Life takes us on a journey from time to time, and sometimes we forget to stop and breathe. We tend to overlook ourselves and our desires. However, taking care of us is not a bad thing, especially in this ever-changing world of uncertainties, time, and age.

In September of 2022, I went on a holiday trip to my friend's house in North Carolina. She had looked after me when we were children and still takes care of me whenever I visit her. During my stay, I had the privilege of meeting and staying with another friend, who was a ninety-five-year-old treasure. She was full of energy and had a charming personality. I was amazed by her cute quirks, sparkling eyes, and a smile that could take anyone's breath away. 

I loved the fact that she still painted her toenails, wore lipstick, and styled her clothes when we dined out. I was terrified when she whizzed around her property on a golf cart, but it was incredibly fun. 

However, I was devastated when I received the news of her passing. It was heartbreaking since only four months ago, I was with her helping her tidy out her wardrobe. Now I had to send flowers to a funeral I couldn't attend.

As we age, we realize that life becomes more compact, and people become more important than material possessions. I was grateful for the chance to stay with my friend. It was as if she knew that we wouldn't see each other again.

Rest in peace, Mema