Ease your way into Christmas with this easy going romance!

Ease your way into Christmas with this easy going romance!

One touch…one moment in time. 
Belle Jones never did anything that wasn't planned…that was until she met Ethan Thompson on one steamy afternoon. 
Now he’s come looking for her and he discovers more than he bargained for. 
Belle is trying to come to terms with her first Christmas on her own. Until Ethan throws all her plans out the window and leaves her with a decision to make. 
Will the secret she is hiding from this man bring them together or push them apart? 


“I've wanted to kiss you since the first moment I saw you and a thousand times since. Every time you move your lips. Every time your scent fills the air that I breathe.” He took a deep breath as he tried to find the words that would tell her how much he cared for her, and not just the baby they had created. “Whenever your body touches mine I want to make love with you, each and every single minute that passed and I didn't know where you were... all I could think about was you. Kiss me, Belle. Let me feel your lips against mine.”

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Autumn Aroma's

I'm reminded on this crisp autumnal day how much I love this time of year. The freshness in the air, crispy brown leaves crushing beneath my feet and pumpkin lattes. Although I’m a black coffee kinda girl but my friend introduced me to these coffees when I visited her in America.

It makes me excited to bring out my hot water bottle and drink hot chocolate beside the log fire and curl up with a book. Candles burning, leaving the scents of toffee apples and spices.
Don’t get me wrong I love the sun, and I adore sitting out in it or swimming in the pool and drinking cold Chardonnay. However there’s something very comforting about the cool air, winter sweaters, thick woolly socks, jeans and a glass of warming Shiraz.

I usually start collecting my ingredients for my Christmas cake, it should be made at least before the end of October but somehow I always seem to be rushing around in November and icing it on Christmas Eve.

My winter pansies are in bloom and the colours are sensational I love to have that splash of colour as everything is perishing in the colder weather these are blossoming.

I’m super busy at the moment with work and writing. I have three short Christmas stories coming out in November and I’m excited for these to be released. It seems like the year has flown and I wonder did I miss some of it as it passed me by, it seems the older I get the faster it goes. I wish I had a pause button just so I could catch my breath!