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Mistletoe Magic

Ease your way into Christmas with this short sexy read!

Holly Berry is grateful to be alive... so she has a new bucket list. No more nice girl for the new Holly... this year her wish for Santa is on the naughty list. 
Noah Miller plays Santa Claus at Snowdrop House, where he is surprised to find a very grownup...and willing...Holly Berry on his knee. He’d never guessed that a Santa costume and twenty-four hours would make such a difference to his Christmas. 
Will this little sexy little bundle of fun who rocks his world change his future too? 


 “Well done, Santa, you did what I’ve been trying to do for weeks.”
“It was the suit; you did all the hard work.” He smiled back. Holly Berry, he shook his head at the times she’d been teased about her name. An incredible bundle of sexuality who was totally unaware of how attractive she was. It was only accentuated by her kind and gentle nature. It had always made her even sexier. Her deep green eyes were framed by the darkest lashes he’d ever seen.
Her blonde hair was cut short, the long curls were gone, leaving the silken strands curling at the ends. He liked it and wondered what had made her chop it all off. Last Christmas when he’d seen her it had been long.
He’d fancied her for years, and yet they’d never got together. Holly avoided him except when he would watch her looking at him, and then she’d realise, and her face would go a deep red.
He leaned down capturing her wrist in his hand, and tugging her up gently he drew her onto his lap, just like one of the children. A flush reddened her cheeks as she looked around, but he’d made sure everyone was busy with the boys and girls who were playing with their new toys before he’d tugged her onto his lap. Holly turned back to him.
“I think you’ll find I’m not a child and a little too heavy for your knee.”
“Not heavy at all.” He pursed his lips as he looked her up and down. “Definitely. Not. A. Child.” He pronounced the words singly.
She giggled but he knew it was a nervous gesture. His mouth quirked beneath the scratchy moustache. Noah placed his hand on her thigh, the slacks she wore were thin and the heat from her skin warmed his hand.
“So Miss Holly Berry would you be on the naughty or nice list this Christmas?”

November Already...

How can it be November already? It seems like only yesterday that I was panicking about taking the wrong plane when changing in Washington Dulles for Norfolk NC . The sun, the warmth and my yearly visit to see my best friend and her family.

Now it's only seven weeks until Christmas...yikes and not even a bag of dried fruit in for my Christmas cake! A friend has almost finished her holiday shopping...I haven't even thought about it...oh I tell a lie I bought some charity cards with Santa Claus on them that I will put somewhere and loose them only to end up buying more.

Today is my favorite day of the week...Sunday! It's the only day where I can say that I'm not working and no one wants me to do anything. Although the dreaded laundry is never at an end and even now sitting in my chair working on my laptop I can here the poor washer and dryer working crazily. I'm excited when I can see the bottom of the basket and then my son come down with a pile of dirty clothes that he's accumulated throughout the week,*bites my lip from saying something and rocking the peaceful atmosphere*

My interest in cosmetology is a hobby which I love. I make my own skincare to suit the weather and time of year. I love to make skincare oils and at this time of year when the coldness and harshness makes our skin dry it's time to bring out something  that will work that bit harder to keep those dreaded wrinkles at bay. Pure, powerful and organic which will hydrate, nourish, rejuvenate  and lift. I love to be able to work with the richer oils like avocado,tamanu, jojoba, rose-hip and prickly pear with pure rose and  neroli essential oil.

 To make these oils work even better for you combine them in a roller ball and use nightly beneath your normal night cream to push the oils deep into the upper dermis. Another great trick is to put a thick layer on tour skin and then spread over a face mask leave for twenty minutes and then wash off and I promise your skin will be like a baby's bottom, beautifully soft.

Prickly Pear plant...powerful anti-ageing oil.

Tamanu oil has many uses and a great added ingredient to your anti-ageing regime.

Rose-hip oil is such an incredibly nutritious skin care ingredient.

Rose oil reminds me of my grandma's garden when we used to pick the petals and make perfume.

Neroli oil is more expensive than gold use use it wisely a small drop is plenty.

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                    She was a feisty thing. It stirred him low in his belly, a totally inappropriate reaction. He liked the way her short hair curved around the base of her neck, leaving the skin bare. Her skin looked soft and satiny. Her small earlobes were adorned with pearl earrings.
He frowned. When the hell did he notice ears? Jesus.
He needed to stop thinking about it—about her. He laid out the manual on the floor and identified the layout of the washer and its parts. It wasn't long before he’d found the problem and untangled the small piece of silk that had wrapped itself around the motor.
A red thong. Raising his eyebrows, he hung the tiny scrap of material from his finger and swallowed.