Christmas 2016

Christmas in America 2016
                I live in a small town named Llanfairfechan situated on the west coast of North Wales UK. It is a beautiful picturesque beach place, and I’m lucky enough to live right on the promenade with a view that is beautiful. In my sight from my lounge window are Beaumaris, Puffin Island and Llandudno and the most fantastic sea views.
My view

                So I went to America for Christmas and New Year and had the most incredible time despite getting acute bronchitis.
I visited Charleston, which was full of so much history and character that I need to go back there and spend some more time. We I went on an amazing horse and carriage ride around there and stayed in the most exquisite hotel that my friend's son Nathan organized for us.

                Christmas was so very different to the way I typically celebrate it but never the less I loved every minute of it. It’s not about where you are it’s about who you're with, right? Dianne has been my friend for nearly fifty years, and her family always make me feel so welcome when I visit, and nothing changed this time. They are for sure my second family whom I love very much. But I did miss my baby girl and family.

                Sitting in the back of my mind is that one day I may go and live next to my friends in Moyock NC  and the place that appeals to me the most is either Okracoke Island or Cape Charles I loved them both.

                I also got to spend some time with Mema who is Dianne's mum-in-law. I love her; she is 89 and an absolute inspiration. We had such a giggle with her, and I have adopted her as my grandma, I loved talking to her. She made me feel wanted and loved when I was poorly in bed trying to get over the awful cold I had.

                I can’t forget to mention Aubrey and Scarlet, Dianne’s two kitties. They are adorable. To begin with, they wouldn’t come anywhere near me, but by the time the three weeks had passed, we were best buddies.

                I stayed in Washington DC the night before my flight, and just as I was leaving it started to snow, and I did wonder if I’d even get home. They sprayed de-icer, over the airplane and we were okay to go.

                I left behind my second home and my American family, but I will be back because I love it there so much.

Dianne and I at Bush Gardens

One of the nhorses that drew us in a carrage

Bush Gardens was beautifully decorated for Christmas.

Dianne, Matt, Wynn, me and Nathan

Wynn. Becky and Matt

Scarlet and Aubrey

Me, Mema and Dianne

Mema and me

Mema, me and Aubrey

Rainbow  Row In Charleston 

Nathan and Dianne