Saying goodbye!

January 15th 2014 at 1 pm my little dog fell asleep in my arms. Slowly but surely what little life was left slowly dissipated and  I don't mind admitting that it literally broke my heart.  Lou Lou was a beautiful miniature Jack Russel. I knew she'd be trouble the minute I held her and was left with a smelly deposit all down my nice white t- shirt.

She was one of sixteen pups but the minute I saw her she was the one for me. Now some people would scoff at my devotion to a dog but I don't care I loved her to pieces.
She made us laugh.
She made us shout.
She made us cry.
But most of all she made our life better.
An expert at snooker potting the balls better than I could. My two children grew up with her and she was involved in everything we did, Lou was part of our family..

However her life wasn't easy. In 2009 she became paralyzed  with two slipped discs. Her back legs would not work at all. I made her a harness so that she could get around. She became adept in using her two front legs. We even considered buying her wheels so that she could have some independence. But off course as responsible pet owners we as a family had to decide whether her quality of life was what it should be.

Then we were introduced to a new vet because we were told she'd gone blind. The great thing was this vet had a small hydrotherapy pool for domestic animals. So then it began week after week of intensive swimming for my baby and she hated it, but guess what her back legs started to work. Everyone was amazed...I was elated. She could walk, albeit a little unsteady but she was independent again.

She adapted very well to her blindness and for a while she was happy. But then she had a mouth infection and it was all downhill from then on. *Sigh* We as a family had to make a decision that no animal owner wants to was time to let her go.

I sit here in my office crying like a baby. Lou Lou fell asleep in my arms with her favourite cover wrapped around her and the words of comfort I whispered in her ear as I felt the life leave her.

Damn but I miss you Lou Lou...

R.I.P Lou Lou 2004-2015

Happy Birthday!

January 12th 2015Good Morning!

“Happiness is part of who we are. Joy is the feeling”
― Tony DeLiso

Today is my birthday and I'm quick to realize that it means I'm another year older.

 I've gained plenty and lost just as much. I'm happy to be sat here doing this with my health, with my family and thankful for the chance to do it all again this year.
Life is what we make it, only we have the power to change  and to live life in fullness and with joy and kindness in our hearts.

So everyone have a wonderful day!    

Rejecting His Desire

“Honey girl, you look as if you’d rather be somewhere else.” 
The familiar voice made her stomach clench and her heart race.
She cleared her throat, turning around. “I thought about changing my clothes. I’m not really all that comfortable in this type of attire.”
Jack’s dark eyes went over her from top to bottom, his perusal slow, until his eyes rested on hers. “That’d be a real pity, Rose, ’cause you look beautiful in that dress.”