Worth It!

Summer is when the sunshine comes out, the cold air disappears and everyone has a smile on their faces. And although I love autumn and winter, I adore summer! Sun, sea, and sand. I'm lucky enough to live where I have all of those.
I wake up every morning to a view that most people only dream off. I had loved the look before I saw the apartment and I couldn't have cared less if it had been one room, the view sold it to me.
Having just spent the last year getting through a very messy separation from my husband of 28 years it was what I needed to get back finally on my feet. Although I have a long way to go, I am finally on the right path.
It has been one of the hardest years of my life, way harder than I ever thought it was going to be. When you haven't lived on your own for 33 years, it takes a time to get used to it. Sometimes I think I'm over the worst of it then something happens, and I'm not, just way better at dealing with it now rather than 12 months ago.
When the sun shines its lovely yellow color, it turns a bad day into something good. And so does hearing that you are not that badly of at all. Like my friend's mom who at the age of 76 discovered she had breast cancer and is undergoing Chemotherapy and radiation treatment where in life does that say it is fair. She is fighting for her life, and I sometimes wished that I could end mine. That made/makes me feel weak and ungrateful for the life I have; it makes me realize, how lucky I am and that there is always someone worse off than me...Always!!