The one good thing about having an office under the stairs with no window is that you never know what the weather is like. On sunny days there is a down side to that but on horrible rainy days it works well for me, I can look at my little plaque on the wall and my mind is back on that beech last summer. Off course that only works until the dog wants to go outside for his daily constitutional and I realize it’s snowing and freezing cold. You would think that he would hurry; after all he doesn't have the luxury of wearing woolly socks and slippers like me but oh know it’s a ten minute sniff and poke around because he just has to find the right spot to go! In the meantime I’m stood there freezing those nice woolly socks off and wondering why I hadn't had the foresight to wear boots and a coat…ahh… I know why, because in my office I was on the beach enjoying the sunshine… Now I’m so cold that I can’t even envisage the beach!

And look at him now, all nice a cozy with Lucy.