A Writers Life!

I start the computer up in the office, sit at my desk, look at the screen and look, and look, sometimes my brain is so frazzled that I have to take ten minutes just to get into the zone. This is when my yoga breathing comes in, I flex my fingers, open my eyes and the words come to me, sometimes so fast I can’t type quickly enough.

Whoever said that being a writer was glamorous needs to be hit over the head with a hammer! The only glamour I see is the sparkle on my nails as I type furiously. Two lots of edits with plenty of yellow marks staring back at me. One book coming out in February and one in April, two more books in the pipeline…I kid you not it is exhausting! What with working at the day job and writing all evening and beyond, it doesn't leave much time for anything else. Then there is the promoting side of things, I mean how are you meant to do it all, sometimes my day is eighteen hours long, my brain is tired and I need a holiday!

Somehow I fit in gym work and the endless piles of laundry that accumulates in my house. I have suddenly realized why I do everything myself…because I can’t bear to watch the men and how long they take to do one job, it drives me crazy . I think they do it on purpose just so they don’t have to do anything around the house, seriously that’s what I think!

I have my little companion who sits by me in my  office, a large cup of strong black coffee and Michael Buble playing in my ears and I close my mind to the world about me and enter my world, a world filled with gorgeous heroes and defiant heroines and remember why I love writing so much!
My companion Jim!