My daughter gets married

Summer 2019

Emma and I as she got ready for the big day

Oh, what a summer it has been! The final preparations of my daughter's wedding to longtime boyfriend Justin finally happened. They have been together for twelve years and after two years of planning the moment was finally here.
A little background story on them.
They met in university and after that first introduction; they have been together ever since.
There was a moment that would try the best of partnerships and that was when Justin was diagnosed with testicular cancer, and when they had learned, it had spread to his stomach and lungs… the future was not looking good.
The intense chemotherapy put a massive strain on their relationship. But they were strong, and this year, I am happy to say that, Justin has been cancer-free for five years. I figure if they can get through that, then everything else is a breeze.

They bought their first house together in 2018. And in January of this year, we started looking for the perfect wedding dress and found it five months later. You’ll see that I use the word perfect many times because it was. The day couldn’t have gone better, everything was PERFECT.

The day and night went without a hitch. 

Some pictures below.

Our little flower girl

Just married

Cutting the cake

The happy couple with the flower girl

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