Put a smile on someone's face!

You know there's nothing in this world like the smile on someones face when you give them a an unexpected present, I'm addicted to it. I am one of those people who genuinely loves to by gifts...not to receive back but just to see the pleasure from the recipients face. I remember a Christmas family party I gave and I organised wrapped presents for all the children to be delivered by Santa Claus ( am I aloud to say his name?? I don't care if I'm not! ) the absolute excitement and pleasure on there face's was priceless and unforgettable.

I have decided that I will be having another party this year to celebrate my signing a publishing contract and because I want to. I am busily now trying to decide on all the little gifts I am going to present to everyone, most of my nieces and nephews are older now and don't believe in Santa...but they still like to get gifts and I still might get Santa himself to deliver them...I know the big man, he is on my iPhone contacts...lol  And I rather fancy a sit on his lap !
Everyone has to dress up it's my only stipulation.

Happy today because I have finished my second book, I'm just waiting for my editor to come back of her holidays and it will be winging its way into her email box. Giving myself tomorrow off and then its back to the grindstone with book three...I love my job!

Hoping to see the cover of my first book'Her Passionate Protector' (due out in November) sometime in the next few weeks... I'm very excited to see my name on the cover of a book that I wrote, its so surreal.

Autumn has arrived, the leaves are falling, the new autumnal colour's are exquisite. It's time to burn those delicious cinnamon candles, wear warm sweaters and breathe the fresh crispy air...I love it! Its time for me to make my Christmas cake, for the last twenty six years I have always made my own but since my dad died I stopped doing it, he died four years ago (October 30th) and it was the strangest transformation for me I changed and the way I did things changed me...for the better.

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