Okay so today I went to the gym which I do most days, I love to do Pilates and cardio, my favotite apparatus at the moment is the cross does that machine make you work hard.My usually tidy hair looked like a birds nest on a bad day, my make-up( okay I hear you in the gym? I'm vain and I don't apologies for it) disintegrated into streaks that looked like the three lanes on the M6 motorway. However I came away smiling knowing that the chocolate fudge flapjack I had this morning was well and truly obliterated from my ass.

The never ending pile of laundry was waiting for me and while switching on my  laptop  in my office I set to it, also making a large pot of coffee and a very guilt free smoothie...I am so good at the multi-tasking, but aren't all woman? Why is it that men can only do one thing at a time? What is with that, if you ask them to do one thing, they can't talk, or be involved in any other task except what they have been asked to do and personally I find it easier to just do the job myself...I'm a very self contained kinda 'girl' (I'm a woman, I keep forgetting that half a century has passed me by) I laugh some what at the thought of being that old. I seem to have done more with my life over the past ten years than when I was younger and had the time and no is strange!!

My dog Lucy has been poorly today, she has good and bad days. A couple of years ago I found out that she had major back problems and had to have lots of treatment which involved hydrotherapy and she got a little better but it has returned with a vengeance and I have had to book more treatments in the vets pool. Not only that she is going poor lou lou she has suffered somewhat through out her short life of eight years, but I keep plodding on with her and giving her the best treatment I can.

So I have typed six thousand words today and my second book is coming on nicely, this will be part of a four book series about four brothers. I love to read books that come in a series so writing one just seemed like a natural progression in my writing career. And so another day has ended,September already where does the time go??

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