Chesapeake...U.S.A Beautiful !!

Okay so I just recently came back from a six week stay in America...North Carolina to be exact.
And I can tell was hot !!

Boy, even the sand was hot enough to cook my feet. However the inspiration for my second book came from a beautiful place called Chesapeake...and I sigh as I say that name. The blue waters of the bay gently lapping in the soft gentle breeze lulled me into an idea for my next book. Four brothers, a ranch and complexities to turn there lives inside out by four woman, strong and weak, beautiful and wounded, cold and loving. Out came my pad and pencil as I jotted down pertinent research for these four books. is hard !!

Off course as I finish each book and start another I need to go back and research some more...some would say it was an excuse to go back to this beautiful place...and you could be right...but I love to write and make up stories that bring not only a smile to my face but I hope to a lot of other people and if I can do it in the surroundings that give me a great deal of pleasure...why not!

As I finish up for the day, my fingers cramping from writing nearly eight thousand words, my eyes are almost closed because they hurt to stay open and my back almost doubled over and I think to myself "are you crazy?" What kind of person puts themselves through that? Well I gotta tell you, I am that crazy person who just loves what they do. And although I go to bed, exhausted, sore and weary I will get up in the morning and start all over again...That's what authors do!!!

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