Why is is that dogs love to chase post men/woman? Is it the uniform? Do they have a scent that dogs just don't like? Who knows, but my dog Jim is a little Jack Russel and he hates the post man, quite honestly it's a fight as to who gets to the post box first. Jim sits by the window all day if need be and just waits...and waits...and waits. Our post man is terrified of him, possibly that might be because Jim chased him through the village and the post man only made it back to his van by the skin of his teeth.  Today he managed to get to the post box before me and totally ripped my new Nora Roberts book to pieces, he is now in the 'dog house'!!!

Okay what's the deal with flat pack furniture?
It says you need one person to put it together when quite clearly one would never be enough to hold all the bits and pieces together. It's so frustrating, in the end I had some sort of scaffolding underneath everything to hold it up and something that was only meant to take twenty minutes took me nearly an hour and a half. Now does that give the indication that I'm just stupid or the person who designed it needs brain surgery ??

I am now opening a bottle of Lindeman's Cabernet Sauvignon and letting it breath and get to the correct temperature before I pure myself a large glass of this delicious Chilean wine. It's a gorgeous ruby red in colour with subtle hints of oak embraced with dark berry fruits and big juicy plums. The aroma is distinctively fruity but not sweet.

I think a dvd is in order and some chocolate to finish of an extremely frustrating day and the dvd is going to be 'Nights In Rodanthe' and I'm excited to watch this because I have visited where they filmed this movie and I'm keen to see how much different the movie is as opposed to the book. Nicholas Sparks actually lives in North Carolina where I have been holidaying for the last two years where I have been three times.

Despite my day I have managed to write another three and a half thousand words which was a miracle in it's self!!


  1. Wow Dilys, first of all I am impressed by today's remarkable word count. As for the frustrations, here's hoping the popping of the cork will leach them out and right into oblivion.

  2. Hi Flossie,thank you, I was impressed myself on my word count it has been a good week with the words flowing.And the frustrations of flat pack furniture was helped by popping the cork.