Stress Relief

As I finally sit down with a glass of nice cold Kiwi Cuvee I wonder where does it say anywhere that when you prepare and cook a large roast dinner that you also have to clear away and stack all the dishes in the dishwasher? *raises eyebrows*  No where, but never the less they all get up from the table with what seems to be no guilt what so ever and I sit there and think what the... Evidently they think that it is my place to do it So a lesson to all you young mums out there, make sure you teach your children and husbands that you are not there to clean, cook and be general dogs body to all who pass through!!!

Going to the gym is my stress release and I love it. I will spend at least three days a week and as much as five if I am really stressed. My old bones need that extra kick up the ass to keep them from giving up entirely. Cardio makes my lungs feel like they are going to collapse at any given moment. My butt which seems to be gravitating south invariably gets cramp and at the end of it my legs almost give up completely. The only thing that stops me from caving in is my Pilates and I relax and stretch those tense muscles until I am almost slithering into the shower at the end of it.

Another six thousand words written today, yesterday was spent researching and getting my story board up and ready for this new book. Thank goodness my board stands tall (three feet) because there is a lot of research going into this next story. The best part about putting a book together is finally putting the idea you have on to paper and watching it grow into something that for three months becomes part of your life where you eat , drink, and think nothing but scenes and paragraphs I even lie in bed going over in my mind the day's writing and I have been known to get up at 2am( quite frequently) to change a scene or add some more words to the days count.I love to write at night, there is something about working through the night, no phone, no one shouting for me to do lunch or make coffee.


  1. Gosh, you nearly have me motivated to hop on my treadmill! ;)

    1. Do it and see all your worries drift away and stop all your bits from drifting