Winter time!

I guess with all this cold weather everyone is thinking about holidays and when to go. My goodness I can't believe we are almost half way through February it seems like only yesterday that it was Christmas.

So sun or snow which do you all prefer. The snow is nice for a few days, great to have snow ball fights nice to feel the fresh coolness against your skin,great to look at  but after that I've had enough for me I love the sun on my face, the feel of the heat seeping through to my bones. The beach beckons and I love it. Waking up and pulling the curtains to sunshine is the best feeling in the world.

It seams like the winter has dragged on , I seem to be forever cold. The  gusting winds on this small island have always been rough but just lately they seem to be worse. We had three small earth tremors last week and that is always scary.

Don't you think the weather is weird all around the world? When we were children I remember my mum putting our summer clothes away for winter and bringing out our thick sweaters and woolly socks, now it seems we more or less wear the same clothes all year round. However the one thing that hasn't changed is when the first snowdrop pops up from the ground I know spring in round the corner and that makes me breath deep and think yes at last.

The winter has been a busy time for me, with four books coming out this year I have been ensconced into my writing cave with what seems forever. These books have been  so much part of my life that I feel sad as each one ends, almost book three finished and book four ready to be typed up . I am ahead of schedule which for me is important, I like to keep my deadline in focus and it stresses me if I don't and when I'm stressed everyone avoids me because I just grunt like a bear at any direct questions, I cook whatever I can find and hope that I haven't mixed the main meal with the pudding, and thank god for the dishwasher.

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