The soft shadows of the sun setting were dancing around him as he slipped into the comfort of his car. As he started it up he listened for a moment to the growl of power it eluded into the quietness of the area where he lived.
                  The irony of his father’s voice still plagued him when he had rebuffed Jake’s pleading that he’d been in love, which suggested that in some ways he wasn't all together sure after what had happened if such a thing existed. Was it just another word for lust? Wasn't it just a lot of romantic hype?
                  At the time he had felt so confused and had found out the hard way that being true to one’s own judgments and never wavering was the right way to deal with life. Every time he thought about the woman who’d been in his dreams more than he cared to admit he scolded himself for letting it get to him.
                  The image of her face was still indelibly seared into the walls of his mind. Aware that he could very easily slide into a mode of self-pity he pushed her back into his memories after all she hadn't come home to see him.  He no longer tried to fill the empty space in his heart. For his own sanity he had to keep it that way.
                   Crunching the gears he winced and Jake put his foot down on the accelerator sliding the past behind him and ignored the biting pain in his gut just as he always did when he thought about her.
                    He pulled into a vacant parking place at least fifteen minutes before her flight was due in. As he made his way towards the terminal he had to pass through a line of placard carrying people waiting for their name carrying passengers to appear. The building seemed full to capacity of all walks of life.
                   The sound of laughter brought him back from the past, now those thoughts were just ahead of him. Despite the change in her appearance and a drop in dress size which he didn't like, he preferred the curvaceous figure he remembered. Her blonde hair was a lot shorter and curled around her face in wisps of golden highlights.
                   Looking at her he really wanted to follow his instincts. A predatory glow surrounded him as he smiled. He could get arrested for what was scrambling his brain. Raising a brow he pursed his lips as he made a determined walk towards her...a walk that said it would be worth a night in a jail cell.

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