Caring hero!

Normally this house is more like central station than a small welsh cottage hardly big enough to swing a cat but today there is just me and the dogs and I'm making the most of the silence...What was that? Yep not a sound can be heard and it is heaven!
So here  is a short piece from my current book 'Her Passionate Protector'

“I’m already involved.” His eyes narrowed. “I’m not leaving here without you.” A muscle was ticking in his jaw and the tone in his voice suggested he could be just as stubborn as she was.
Staring up into the sincerity of those emerald cut eyes, his expression was deeply concerned. Her shoulders slumped. She was honestly too tired to fight anymore.
“Come on, pack some things and we’ll get out of here.” The rhythmic movement of his thumb pad on her inner wrist was soothing, and she looked down. His hands were large, but she knew even the size of them didn’t frighten her, they were gentle

Her Passionate Protector
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