Grimacing Jake Owen swallowed the cold coffee and bitterness surrounded his taste buds . A quick glance at his gold watch confirmed that with any luck he would be at his desk by eleven.

    It was late for him but as the boss it was a privilege he rarely took. He smiled at the thought some would have said that his whole life had been privileged and that assumption would be right. His younger life had been that of a life style many would have envied.

     Starting at the bottom rung of the construction business his father had started had pulled his once wild nature into line. It was a hard business and he'd worked his way up to the desk he now had as head of the company. His father William Owen started it forty years ago and stood down last year leaving Jake in full command.

     The biggest and oldest construction firm in the country and now spreading across Europe he was proud of what he’d achieved and it was with great relish that he had been able to prove his father wrong. However a broken marriage that he had been forced into when he was too young to fight back had resulted in him having to give up the woman he’d loved all his life.

    Today he would see her again for the first time in ten years and she didn't know that it would be him at the airport to pick her up. He pursed his lips and imagined that he would not be welcome in fact he knew that but it would not deter him and just thinking about her set his heart rate to supersonic speed and this evening could not come fast enough.

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