Thank you Jennifer Davies for a great review. It's so nice when a reader appreciates all the hard work that goes into writing a book!

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This review is from: A Matter of Trust (The Fitzgerald Brothers 4) (Paperback)
Jennifer Owen Davies, author-I have read a previous book by Dilys J Carnie which I loved, and it left me wanting to read more of her books. Reading the blurb for A Matter of Trust, I was totally sucked in and intrigued.

Turning the pages, I was struck by how Dilys J Carnie portrays the young woman who goes through a very personal and harrowing experience that leaves her with little trust in the opposite sex. Her writing touches on such a private and sensitive subject and it was done in such a convincing way that didn't belittle the experience of the victim. It developed the relationship between the two main characters to the point that you really felt the connection and saw the trust develop.

I really loved the MC Lilly, who is both strong and fragile making a life for herself despite the past, and Tyler is definitely her other half, her patient, tender, soul-mate who despite his own, issues didn't give up on the chance to own Lilly's heart.

This is romance at its best.

I'm reading my way through all the books written by Dilys J Carnie...

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