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An avid reader and story teller, wife, mother and educator, Evelise is living her dream with her loving husband, dog, and three children who visit often. Fueled by desire for a strong cup of coffee and a passion for literature, Evelise can be found reading her favorite books on her e-reader or in front of her lap top spinning her next erotic M/M tale.

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Trevor Langford is a tough FBI negotiator.  His last case scarred him both mentally and psychically. He takes some mandatory sick time, going to Sawtooth Range, Idaho to find himself again, and get his head on straight.  There he meets Cameron. Tall, dark and ruggedly handsome, Cameron is everything Trevor looks for in a man, but scares him too.
Cameron has always wanted a mate and finding Trevor in his own backyard is a coup. Unfortunately, Trevor has no idea what mates are or that he is a wolf. Trevor’s a realist and believes in tangibles.
Can Cameron convince his mate that true love is meant forever?

Excerpt 1 (PG)

“More coffee, Cameron? I couldn’t help but notice you were flagging me down with your eyes.” Maude’s smile took any sting out of her tone. She adored the young pup.
“Please, and maybe a little info when you have time.” Cameron retrieved the newly filled cup and its saucer from her grasp. “Do you think you can sit for a minute?”
Looking around at all the occupied tables, Maude’s gaze fell back to the men at her current booth. “Let me pick up your order and I can take five. I’ve been on my feet for hours and could use the spell. Everyone seems to be eating and not wanting right now.”
Cam’s head ached and he had a twinge in the base of his skull. Tension wound through his shoulders when he thought of the small-statured human with the limp. He needed a closer look at his mate. The desire to embrace him, run his fingers through his spikey blond hair and see what color his eyes were, gnawed at his being. Soon, he promised himself.
“You’re awfully quiet all of a sudden,” Jay interrupted Cam’s thoughts.
“Sorry, just thinking about how to approach my mate. It’s not like I can simply say, ‘Hey, you’re my mate and by the way, I think you’re a wolf.’ Can I?” Rhetorical question— Cam didn’t expect Jameson to answer.
“Boys.” Maude placed platters of fried eggs, pancakes, sausages and toast in front of each of the men, and slid into the booth next to Jay. “What can I do for you, Alpha?”
Cameron smiled at the honorific, picking up a piece of his toast and dipping it into the runny eggs, sopping up the yolk, before placing a piece in his mouth. He watched Maude as he chewed, before speaking. Maude was older than she looked. To the human eye, she appeared to be in her forties, but she was an elder in the pack at over two hundred years old. She grew up with Cam’s parents as part of Joshua Sierran’s inner circle. When youth took over the pack with Cameron as Alpha, Maude elected to step down and enjoy her golden years. Her idea of retirement; working at the diner, keeping her finger on the pulse of everyone’s business. At least Cameron had been able to convince her to reside on pack lands. Her small cabin, perfect for her needs with an open door policy, inviting the young to always seek her wisdom, including him.
“Maude, we were running the ridge and I saw someone occupying the log cabin farthest from town, but closest to our lands. Any idea who the man is?” Leaning forward, Cameron didn’t want to appear too eager, but he needed some information on the man.
Deep in thought, Maude stroked the side of her face before speaking. “The blond from Philadelphia, about five-feet-six inches with a slight limp?” Already Cameron knew more in that one sentence than anticipated.
“Yes, that’s him,” Cameron answered her. “You say he’s from Philadelphia? Do you know what’s up with him? Please, it’s important.” Cam didn’t want to whine, but by the smirk on Jay’s face, he knew he’d done so.
“Well,” Maude began, “I heard he’s a cop of some sort. FBI, I think. Got hurt on duty and is recuperating. Why? He do something wrong? Should the pack be worried?” She crinkled her forehead in thought.
“No. No.” Cameron put his hands in front of his body in surrender. “He didn’t do anything wrong. I just want to know about him and why he’s here. I’m going to talk to him this morning, but wanted all my ducks in a row.”
Cameron contemplated how much information he should disclose. He inwardly chuckled, the elder had loose lips.
“Maude, if your Alpha gave you a directive, you’d follow it, right?”
Tilting her head to expose her neck, she replied, “Yes, Alpha.”
“I think the man is my mate. No, I know he is, but I don’t think he knows he’s wolf.” He waited for Maude to absorb what he’d said. “He’s the Omega to my Alpha.”
Cameron looked to Jay for support, the man nodded his head, before he continued.
“My wolf sniffed him out. I watched from the tree line, but when he spotted me, he took off toward the cabin like his ass was on fire. If the man knew about wolves, shifters, he shouldn’t have been spooked so much.” At least in Cam’s mind it made sense.
“Have you talked to your parents about this?” Maude leaned in and whispered.
“Yes, ma’am, I did. Dad and Mom think the same thing. My mate doesn’t know he’s wolf.”
“Do you want me to try and sniff around a little bit more.” Maude chuckled at her pun. “I know he walks the trails, because he’s come in and ordered sandwiches for takeout and he has a back pack with him. Charlie said he bought all the fixings to make trail mixes as well.”
Cameron contemplated his choices. Try to catch the man when he came into town and introduce himself or walk the trails, picking up his scent and introduce himself. Stalkerish, maybe? Either way, he didn’t want to scare his mate.
Shifting in the cracked, red faux-leather seat, Jay looked out the large window and said, “Well, it looks like you won’t have to wait, Cam. Your mate’s about to walk into the diner.”
The bell jingled over the door, and the man in question entered the establishment, limped past them, and sat at a vacant stool at the counter. “Maude. Jay. This is my lucky day. I believe I’ll go introduce myself as the welcoming committee.”

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