Spotlight with Heather Sheldon

No Words Required
By Heather Sheldon


Bethany Miller needs to overcome her low self-esteem and mute the looped recording of her mother’s insults playing in the background of her soul.  When out dancing with her best friend, she meets a handsome new man.  But he has a secret.
Dylan Jamison, born deaf, is an avid lip reader.  After Bethany receives a phone call delivering the news of her mother’s near fatal accident, Dylan stays by her side.  Against his protests, Bethany pulls the plug to end her mother’s life and their relationship seems destined to be over before it started.
Will the universal language of love prevail?
Excerpt one:

Beth glanced at her newly named Mystery Man. Dylan. She liked the name. It suited his
strong lean form, and dark steamy gaze. Heat rose in her cheeks. He shrugged palms up
questioning if she wanted to head back out to dance or stay put. A glimpse of the kissing couple
beside her set her feet in motion to the dance floor.
The music slowed and the space emptied for the first time all night. Only a dozen couples
remained. Dylan looked at her and raised his expressive eyebrows.
She grinned and placed a hand on his shoulder. He clasped her other hand, bringing it to his
chest. Air could still circulate between them, but when his other hand settled on her lower back,
sparks of sexual energy raced through her body like sprinters at the Olympics.
She didn’t dare look at his face. If he tried to kiss her, she would dissolve into a puddle, or
pass out, or drop dead from desire.
Slowly grooving to the music, she leaned in to smell him. The scents of sexy cologne, clean
laundry, a man and love filled her sinuses. She wished she could bottle it and take a whiff
whenever she felt un-pretty.
By the second chorus, she relaxed and placed her cheek against his chest. He dropped her
hand and wrapped his arms around her waist. His movements were slow and easy to follow. His
arms were muscular and made her feel protected. She wanted to stay the way they were all night
and sway. But the song ended and the DJ announced last call.
They walked hand-in-hand off the dance floor. At the bar, Cody passed around glasses too
large for shots. They toasted a silent cheer while Blurred Lines played and the dance floor
Ashley choked on the sparkling water they each gulped.
Cody laughed and made the motion of holding a steering wheel to drive. Ashley leaned into
her ear and yelled something she totally couldn’t understand.
She nodded, anyway and watched Cody. He didn’t seem drunk and it was nice to know his
sobriety extended to looking out for Ashley. Usually that job fell to Beth.
Tonight had been the best Friday night ever.
They had fun.
They danced.
They met handsome men with potential.
She couldn’t ask for anything more. Except maybe Dylan’s phone number.
Excerpt two:
The handsome pair stood ten feet away and third deep in a drink line. The blond looked
Bethany’s way and gave her a sexy, bad-boy smile. Butterflies stretched their wings in her
Ashley slid off the seat and waved at the two hotties. The men exchanged glances. After a
mutual head nod passed between them, they walked over.
The dark haired man’s intense gaze moved over Beth. She froze under the caress of his
stare. A sensuality she’d never encountered swirled through the air around him. Her heart raced
faster than when she’d been in full-on cardio-dance mode.
From the makeshift megaphone of Ashley’s cupped hands, “I get the blond,” cut through the
The chiseled features of Mr. Blond model dipped to block Bethany’s view of the tall, dark
mystery man. More muscular than his slimmer and taller brunette friend, Mr. B’s handsome face
came straight off an Abercrombie bag. He flashed a white-toothed provocative grin and one of
his killer bright blue eyes winked. What was it with blonds? She was not about to hope for
potential from another player.
She glanced at his dark-haired friend. The taller man with smoldering brown eyes stared
back. His lips rolled in to moisten. She could not keep her eyes off his mouth. Her mind leapt
into unexpected, naughty scenarios involving his lips. Things she never considered until the third
Her cheeks heated and she inhaled, forcing her gaze on the floor. Wow. This guy’s face
appealed to her on so many levels. His features weren’t as perfect as the blond’s, but he intrigued
her past rational thought.
She sipped her drink and peeked at him over the glass’s rim. His intense gaze met hers and
seemed to offer a silent promise of interesting things to come. He tilted his head, ever so slightly
to his right and studied her, looking past her limp unimpressive hair and borrowed outfit. His
wide pupils penetrated into her very essence.
“You are a fool,” her mother’s voice spat. She pushed aside her doubt, lowered her drink
and raised her head to stare into the dark eyes of her next dance partner. She was here for fun and
nasty memories of her mother’s ridicule would not be allowed to ruin things.
The handsome stranger raised one eyebrow in question. His kissable mouth tweaked up in
one corner. Those warm and spicy brown eyes peered into her soul. Did he have Superman’s x-ray
vision? Was he studying her lace bra and panties? Darn, why hadn’t she taken the time to
find a matched set?
A giggle caught in her chest.
Her hot mystery man’s mouth pulled wider.
Had he sensed her nervous reaction? The bar’s noise level wouldn’t let a jet engine cut
through it. She hadn’t opened her mouth or bent over with mirth. Yet she could tell he
understood her anxiety.
His wide-mouthed, one-sided grin opened to reveal straight white teeth. What would
exploring that mouth feel like?
His smile broadened.
Dear God, he was hearing her thoughts.

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Heather Sheldon has loved books from as far back as she remembers.  An avid diary keeper and letter writer, her desire to pursue story telling on a broader scale didn’t emerge until forty.  Now she writes and edits most every day while enjoying the expansive blue skies of California.  Recently relocated from the Midwest, she does miss the change of seasons, but not the snow.  Her three daughters, husband and a handful of pets keep her busy when not at the keyboard or out to a movie.

Please connect with me:

Twitter:  @heather_sheldon  

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