Hair colour dilemma?

For sixteen years I was blonde then I decided to try and find my original colour which my mum told me was auburn. Oh great I thought I fancy being that shade. So I went auburn but I'm not liking it very much. It is a constant dilemma for me, if my hair doesn't feel right I don't. So now I am thinking I might try a light brown but how boring is that.

I have naturally curly hair which I straighten, but it's so time consuming that lately I have been leaving it natural but at my age should I be thinking about a shorter style? Yet I don't want to go short, the last time I did that I hated it.

So straight or curly, short or long, blonde or brown???
I am no good at making decisions. My friend, Dianne would tell you the world around me could be falling apart and I would be in the middle of it doing my vain!!
When I look over the years I see my style hasn't changed that much but oh my the colour has!!

What do you think?

Blonde, curly

Brown, curly


Straight, light brown



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    1. Holly,you're so sweet to say that! I'm afraid age is getting the better of me and I feel like a change but I need someone to give me a kick up the butt lol