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Let me introduce you to the beautifully talented author Jennifer Owen Davies. With two novels under her belt she is a fellow welsh girl who now lives in Boston U.S.A. However she is visiting family in Cardiff this week and has a book signing at  Books & Pontyclun from 11am-2pm. Why not pay her a visit I'm sure she would be delighted to see you. Good luck Jen!


Thanks Dilys for letting me host on your blog today sending you lots of hugs and kisses. Xxx
A little bit about me
I’m Jennifer Owen-Davies the author of the Children of Annwn YA romantic fantasy series.  I love creating stories that touch your heart and take you away to a magical world that leaves you craving more.  I also write adult paranormal/sensual romance and hope to publish further stories later in 2015.  When I’m not writing, I love to read and my tastes include Nora Roberts, Catherine Cookson, Jane Austen, Jodi Picoult, Deborah Harkness, Cassandra Clare, Suzanne Collins, P.D. James, Patricia Cornwell, Pittacus Lore, Diane Gabaldon and many more. Inmy spare time, I enjoy managing a local writers group and an Alzheimer’s Support group on Facebook, a cause close to my heart. I also love discovering old treasures at yard sales and revamping them, watching Grey’s Anatomy, Revenge and Vampire Diaries, walking on the beach, cooking, and when there’s time the gym.
I have been married for nineteen years to my greatest supporter, and I’m the mother of four fiercely independent boys. Life is busy. I am originally from Cardiff in Wales, but now live on the East Coast of America in North Andover with my family and two cats. I’m always striving to improve my work and delight my readers. I fell in love with New England, and among the pages of the books are references to both local beauty spots and historic sites from the area and from back in the UK that have captured my imagination. I love to hear from readers.
She also has a penchant for anything Cadburys and adores French Pinot Noir…
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The Battle is the second book in the Children of Annwn series and it was released on the 16th April.

Since my first YA romantic fantasy book called the Children of Annwn: The Promise was released last September with Secret Cravings Publishers my life and that of my family has changed. In April 2015, the second book in the series The Battle was released and my third is due out by the end of the year.

My life is crazy but I wouldn’t swap anything about it. However, I know it can be very hard on spouses. Therefore, I have devised EIGHT simple tips to help cope with living with an author.
·         READ. Please, I’m begging you, read your partners, or loved ones work, please read it carefully especially before you launch into offering advice because it helps to know what the story is about. However, your advice is extremely helpful. Very often the writer is so focused on the story, the characters, and the plot that quite often basic issues are missed, incorrect words, sentences that do not make sense or an issue that is glaringly obvious to you that they cannot see.
·         TEAM WORK. Realize that you are part of the author’s team and we need you in order to get the book written, completed and published. They will be extremely grateful for your support and you will get a mention in the dedication…
·         LISTEN. It is great to have a sounding board when you are thinking through a new idea, even coming up with names or a plot problem, and it can consume the author. Therefore, it is great to have a partner who is willing to listen because when they do very often they really help solve the problem, and it can make for some pretty interesting conversations.
·         THINKING ABOUT WRTING. Remember that even when an author isn’t writing and may seem uninterested and distracted it’s not because they are in a mood it’s because they are thinking about writing or working out a scene in their head.
·         TIME. If you ever want to do something nice for the writer in your life, a couple of hints allow them time to write because writers really love to write and those precious hours really mean the world to them  even if it means they are alone in isolation.
·         ROMANCE. Gifts for the author that would really be appreciated, pens, notebooks, coffee gifts cards my preference is Starbucks, books on writing but wine usually helps too!
·         READING. When the author isn’t writing or thinking about writing it really is part of the course that they will be reading, and it may seem very anti-social but the only way to get better at doing what they love is to read, read, read. So when they don’t want to go out for dinner but would rather curl up with a book or spend a night crafting their story it’s because their job isn’t nine to five when the mood is good it really is priceless.

·         TIME OUT. Set goals, I really do believe that there should be an understanding about writing limitations like a weekend off unless you have a deadline be discussion and negotiations or the writing is pure gold or in the evening at the weekend. You are part of a team, and it only works if you’re both on the same page.   Life is never dull with an author!                                                                                      


 what will be her destiny?
Ryder visits London with his friends, and Fusion enters the Battle of the Bands competition, believing the location of a portal to be nearby, but he’s bewitched by a beautiful siren. In a blood-thirsty battle for control, Ryder breaks all the rules bringing out the ancient blades and calls upon the Alltud, an arcane group, but will they help?
A battle commences to control not only Mia but the Gilgamesh, an omnipotent magical power in her possession. Ryder has agreed to end her life if she fails but will he be able to sacrifice the love of his life?
It's time to put the greatest power of all to the test!

Before I start writing, I do research either reading books or attending courses because I really feel it adds to the depth of the story. It opens doors in my mind that I wouldn’t have travelled down otherwise. I am currently writing book three called Children of Annwn: Power of The Gilgamesh…

Excerpt from The Battle
Snowflakes floated down like tiny cotton balls from the sky, and Mia opened her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out to catch one. The icy crystal tingled, and Mia giggled as it melted on the warm cushion of her mouth. Exhaling, small white clouds escaped, hovering in the freezing air. Snow covered her jacket until she removed her hands from the pockets, dislodging the thin layer. Shivering, Mia rubbed her hands together, but couldn’t muster the tiniest spark of heat to warm her ice-cold limbs. The exquisite silver filigree ring on her left hand that was embedded with tiny diamonds sparkled up at her, and she smiled. Ryder’s ring sat snuggly on her hand. Smiling, she stared at the delicate and handcrafted ring, but a gust of frigid air drew her attention and any warmth away.
Mia stared across the distance at the magnificent expanse of Appalachian Mountains barely visible through the wild misty snow and howling wind. She should be inside where the heat was ramped up so high it was like a sauna, but Mia needed the energy and chaos of the storm to recharge her magic. Arctic air nipped at her cheeks, letting her know that magic was out there. Focusing on the swirling mass of wind and snow, she stretched her hands out to harness its strength, but like a dead battery that wouldn’t charge, nothing happened.
A coiling fear twisted in her gut as the bitter cold sharpened her senses and she braced herself, ready. Time froze as if taking a deep breath, and she stared at the powerful storm, listening for him. Goose bumps rippled along her arms as a footstep landed behind her, and Mia spun around with her fists raised in the air ready to fight her demon. She stared at broad shoulders encased in a gray parka covered with a dousing of fresh snow, straggly dark hair and intense chestnut eyes that narrowed at hers. His mouth twitched into a smile and he stood still.
“Hey, it’s me,” Ryder complained, raising his hands in surrender and frowning before he pulled her into a strong embrace. Brushing her long hair back over her shoulders, he rubbed her cold nose with his before dropping a gentle kiss on her tightly closed lips. Her stiff shoulders softened. Mia masked her fears but as soon as Ryder touched her and met her gaze, he sensed them. He stepped back, taking his heat with him as he gripped her arms firmly. “You think he’s here, don’t you?”
She nodded, too afraid to say the words in case Greyson slunk out from the shadows in front of them. Instead, she snuggled closer into Ryder’s firm body as if his strength would obliterate her terror. Sliding her arms around his waist, she clung to him, and he hugged her back in a possessive hold. Mia rested the side of her face against his dove gray shirt, listening to his heart stampeding inside his ribs. In his arms, she was warm and safe. He smelled delicious, fresh with a hint of vanilla and musk, and for a moment she let go of the nightmares, knowing she was protected in Ryder’s embrace. He pulled his coat further around her as she trembled, shielding her from the world.
“Mia, please tell me we are not back on that precipice with Greyson? He cannot take what isn’t his. Don’t you believe in the power of our love? You’re wearing my ring on your finger, and yet the idea of surrendering yourself lingers. I can see it. I love you Mia, and I forbid it, do you hear me?”
Tears bubbled and fell down Mia’s cheeks as she twisted the beautiful silver Celtic knot ring he'd put on her finger earlier. It was a simple wide band with twists and knots, which flared out in the center to form a large filigree heart studded with tiny diamonds. She loved it. Ryder had given it to her saying that the heart was his, and it now belonged to her. Ryder removed his arms from around her back to hold her shoulders, creating a distance between them, and instantly the cold invaded. He lowered his head, searching her eyes, pleading for an answer, gazing intently for a response. Mia stared at his breathtaking beauty, unable to believe he was hers.
“I will never leave you. I will always be right here,” she said, stabbing her finger in his chest where his heart beat.

To celebrate Mother’s Day I will give away one e-book copy of The Battle all you have to do is post a comment on my author FACEBOOK PAGE and the winner will be chosen at random. Cheers and happy Mother’s Day. xxx

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