Hair Shine!

So…do you want shiny hair that doesn't break the bank…?
Doesn't everyone!
In today’s climate of ever mounting food and house bills there isn't always a lot of money left to buy luxurious items for hair and skin.

So what if I told you that for a minimal cost you could have beautiful shiny hair? Would you believe me? Only one way to find out…try this recipe and oh boy you will be so surprised!

This is from my grandma’s homemade skin and hair recipes that I used to make with her in the kitchen in the days where we went out into the garden to pick our ingredients and used the honey from our bees to have on our hot crumpets when we came in from school and pick the eggs that we used to bake cakes with.
Yes those were fabulous days that I remember with the fondest of memories.

Hair Shine Conditioner.
Depending on hair length, I have fairly long thick hair so just adjust for your own needs J
Four tablespoons of honey,
Ten tablespoons of conditioner that you normally use.
 And that’s it, but I kid you not you will have beautiful shiny locks.

Mix the ingredients in a bowl and put over dry hair, comb it through so that it completely covers your hair. Cover with shower cap and towel and leave on for about an hour.

Wash hair twice to get rid of it and condition as normal, and just see how it shines.

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