America 2013 the final few days of my time away!

I never get tired of my yearly trips to America. First and foremost I get to visit and stay with my friend and her family and that in itself would be enough to keep me there. But have I told you about their porch where I sit and write…No?

I love it, it’s hard to imagine doing that in the midst of October when the temperatures have dropped here in the U.K and it is but a recollection. What a lovely memory to carry me through the dreaded winter. I sit there on my chair watching the banana tree sway gently in the breeze and my mind becomes like an idea book where I have so much going on in my head I can barely get it all down on paper quick enough.

It doesn't matter if it’s sun shine or cloudy, rain or shine, windy or calm I can sit out there and listen to the humming bird’s wiz past my ear and enjoy the play between them as they slurp their way through the syrup that I recently filled.  What beautiful creatures they are, so perfectly formed and so tiny that you have to be quick with the eye to watch them.

I wonder how on earth three weeks have gone so quickly, this last time I did so much. My visit to ocracoke Island was spectacular even the ferry crossing and I’m not a good sailor. My trip to Wilmington to stay with my friend’s oldest son who is in university there and visit quaint little shops and the very famous UNCW a great place to walk around. Then there was my week with them at the beach house where I was lucky enough to see dolphins swimming and the most spectacular sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean.

When I sit on the airplane to come home, I miss it before I even take off; miss my friend and our shopping trips, and just sitting on the porch chatting with our cups of coffee in 100 degree’s heat ! Yes I kid you not, we drank it hot! We’re both coffee addict.                                                                                                So my 2013 trip to America is but a memory but all I can say is roll on 2014 for my next trip!               Here are some of my favorite photo's from this trip

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