Frizzy Hair!

So...I'm always at odds with my hair...What color I'm going to be...Straight or curly...up or down...cut it or keep it long...ahhh it's never ending. If I go out and and I have the best looking clothes on I just don't feel right if my hair is a mess.

Vanity?? Oh yes lol

Everyone who knows me will tell you I have been every color under the sun, had it short, then grown it long. I've had layers and then had it all one I ever happy with it, the truth is no. However on learning that a friend of mine has cancer and is going to loose all their hair from chemo I feel like an utter louse being so utterly vain  about it and I thank God that I still have hair to worry about.

It started me thinking about all the chemicals and rubbish that I put on it. At the moment we have a wasp problem outside our back door, probably a nest but they always seem to chase after me and my daughter said it's because of all the stuff that I put on it and she'd absolutely right...I do. I'm so finicky about using natural products on my skin and then I go and use all sorts of multifarious junk on my hair. Well no more!

I started to go through my old skincare books and found a hair section that I'd written with my grandma and it's from the same preparations we used for many an afternoon making skincare. So here is a recipe that I have used twice in the last week and I have to say I am so impressed with the shine and the way it had tamed down the frizz I get with my naturally curly hair.

Depending on your hair length as to how much you use. I have thick, longish hair so I need quite a bit.

Six tablespoons of full fat mayonnaise( I used jar bought but my grandma used to make her own)
Four tablespoons of olive oil
Four tablespoons coconut oil
Two tablespoons of honey
One egg yolk

Mix all the ingredients together until its smooth. Shampoo your hair and towel dry (make sure your hair is not dripping it has to be just damp)
Spread the mixture all over making sure its from roots to ends and then either wrap your hair in clingfilm or use a shower cap. Take a large towel and put this on top and that will keep the heat in so that the mixture can penetrate the hair shaft.
Leave on for as long as you can, an hour. a few hours or all day.
Wash hair twice to rinse off and condition with your usual hair conditioner.

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