Carrier Oils for anti-ageing skin care

All skincare preparations need base… carrier oil. Most of these don’t have a scent except perhaps Olive Oil which can be slightly or heavily aromatic. Almost all carrier oils are cold pressed and I would advise buying organic where possible.
I use these to make my body oil which I use while my skin is wet after a shower or bath. Always apply oil to your body when it is still wet. Massage in then dry off with a towel and I guarantee you will have the softest skin ever. I mix all three of the following oils and then add my favotite scent and at the moment its Fresh Garden Cut Roses which I buy from the quality is the best I’ve found so far.

Grape seed Oil
Grape seed oil has been around for centuries and was used around 130 million years ago and is a byproduct of wine making. It increases the amount of collagen in the skin and is anti-inflammatory that will heal lesions and will improve skin conditions. The oils has great anti-ageing properties and also has the ability to tighten and tone the skin, so a great way to moisturize your skin after bathing. Will help to improve the texture of stretch marks. A good way to do this is to mix up a balance of oils into a small roller ball bottle and just apply the oil as many times as you can and you will definitely see an improvement on scars etc.
Almond Oil
Many of the best skin care preparations contain Sweet Almond Oil, it’s easily absorbed, rich in Vitamin E and also contains magnesium, calcium and vitamin D. Easily combines with almost every other oil…non greasy and just an easy oil to us.
Great oil to use for babies as it mimics the oil babies excrete to keep their skin and hair healthy. It most definitely is a better oil to use than baby oil that has propylene glycol in it which is used in anti-freeze.

Avocado Oil
If you thought avocados was something you put in your salad think again it is a powerful anti-ageing fruit not just to eat but to use the oils as a skin care regime. This oil has a much higher concentration of mono-unsaturated fats and because of this it is able to penetrate the skin to a much deeper level so it is a great oil to blend with others. It protects the skin from sun exposure and most importantly avocado oil contains the only known natural source of the age-reversing ingredient Avocare PFE (all the others are synthetic.

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