Ditzy? Who me?

You know I think about how completely ditzy I am and remember my mum's words of “she’ll grow out of it" ...
Well she never did, I'm still as clumsy and ditzy as ever. My head is permanently in the cloud which is not conducive to getting things done.
It's so bad sometimes that my eldest daughter has to resort to calling me by my first name to get my attention. How the heck I ever arrive at Dulles Airport is a miracle on its own.

So many idea's and stories being shaped and lists being mentally ticked off that I'm surprised I ever come out from that fluffiness that surrounds my brain.
This morning in the usual last minute rush to do some grocery shopping before the whole family starves from lack of nourish meant my mind was on chapter five of my final book of four because really that's where I wanted to be ...in my office getting the elusive chapter under my belt and finished.

However getting home in one piece is only viable if you actually get in the right car and when you only realise  something isn't right when the key to the ignition doesn’t fit. Then  you see a cd of Irish folk music and you just no that nowhere in your cd collection is any kind of Irish music.

I can tell you that I exited that car very quickly hoping against hope that no one saw me and praying that I don’t get arrested for trying to steel someone else’s vehicle.

Did I grow out of it mum? Not a cat in hells chance lol

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