What does forgiveness mean?
A conversation with my daughter reminded me that we are responsible for our own failings and that of forgiving others of those failings.
Forgiveness does not take away, excuse or justify the wrong it means we’re human. We all make a mistake that’s how we learn. It means that even if someone has done something wrong we can forgive.
Forgiveness requires strength and sometimes that strength is pushed to the limits but ultimately we have to have hearts big enough to do this. It’s a gift from one person to another. However I realize this can be too much in the wake of some dreadful things that happen in this world.
 Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting. How can one forget, you can’t it will always be there in the back of your mind. This is a human function, a part of our brain that cannot be controlled.
Dwelling on things past is a useless purpose, a waste of our precious time that can be cut to short.
It is part of life that we argue and say things we don’t mean, much of our time is spent getting on with our day to day living, day by day, month by month and year by year. As the clock turns and the years pass suddenly one is reminded of how short our time is and the chance to devour every waking moment overwhelms us.
 Surely there is no time to be anything other than forgiving.
God forgives us every day for all our wrong doings so we surely too should have it in our hearts to do the same.

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