Love And Life

Love And Life

I asked a male friend of mine ‘What is the definition of the “love of your life” in his case his wife  and in four words he told me:
Many years of being together and he still thinks of his wife in those terms.

It got me to thinking about love and how we depict what that word means “love” we each have a different perspective.

My grandparents were married sixty-four years when my grandma passed away. My happiest memory of them was watching their hands clasped together as they walked down the street at the ages of seventy plus. I always said if I could find a man like my granddad I’d be happy but they don’t make men like him anymore, he was a once in a lifetime mold…
 He adored my grandma; you could see it in his eyes every time he looked at her, touched her, the way his eyes twinkled when she did something silly and the way his face lit up when she came into the room. They passed away many years ago, but that kind of love is still fresh in my mind when I think of them and when I try and write a love story from the heart.

My job is spent trying to bring that love alive on paper, I hope that I do, as an author I feel it is my responsibility to give woman everywhere a happy ever after…we’re all not as lucky as my grandparents were to have a love that lasted a lifetime.

As each year passes, I find myself thinking that’s another twelve months gone in the blink of an eye. So much happens, no one can escape we’re all susceptible to the sad things that happen.
When you feel like the world is about to fall on you…give it the finger! Try and remember all the right that is about you and there is always someone out there worse off than you. Those words have got me through some tough times this year.

I prefer to notice the way my children make me smile, the way my mom makes me laugh when she does silly things. I think about my friends and how they pull me through with their kindness.

When you think that you just can’t possibly carry on anymore but find the strength to take that extra step. Yep, at times life has been a bitch, but it has taught me to stand up for myself, has brought me closer to those that care about me.

Getting older we discover time goes quicker, our perceptions change and the past becomes longer the future shorter. And what we had hoped the future would be has become disenchanting. Our past (history) has made us who we are some of it through choice and a lot of it by just plodding on with a life that when we are young lasts forever.

In adulthood, worry seemed to take over my mind rather than delighted anticipation of the future, sleepless nights taking over my thoughts of the past.
The sun rises in the future and sets to the past. The day has gone, and it can’t ever be re-lived. If you get the chance to grab happiness do it, an opportunity to love again grab it with both hands because who knows what is around the corner and then it's too late for “I wish.”

Humans are amazing; we’re resilient, we know how to survive because we have to…my friends know who they are. They are not the norm they are the exception!

No matter what life brought to you make it the best.
Richness in life.
Prolonged health.
A blessing of wealth.
Love generously.

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