Four stone weight loss ( 56 pounds)

It's taken me twelve months to loose four stone.  I've always been a healthy eater and as a vegetarian very careful about what I eat. However over the years the weight crept on and before I knew where I was I had become a size 16-18, the biggest I'd ever been in my life.How did I do it? I'd like to say healthy eating, yoga,pilates and that is partly true. But most of it was long walks, and separating from my husband of twenty-eight years.
I juice a lot because a most of the time I don't feel like eating and at least I know I am getting sufficient nutrients from the drink. I still do a lot of walking, as much as my bad back allows. I've gone from running five miles a day to only being able to walk less than a mile since my back surgery.
I feel so much better, so much healthier and I love being able to fit into my small jeans and not worrying about the over spill of fat that I had accumulated over the years.
Do I look better? I don't know about that, but I feel more comfortable with myself both mentally and physically.

Juice Drink

Fresh Ginger
Probotic Yogurt
100% pure juice of your choice.I use cloudy apple( for gallbladder), Pineapple ( for digestive) Blueberry ( for ( vitamin k&c and also magnesium) Cranberry ( for bladder)
Wizz together in blender and you have a healthy drink to set you up for the day

 Before                                                                           After

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