Christmas Time.

Christmas should be a time to enjoy peace and happiness to share humility and humanity and to remember that our lives are a gift to be taken care offI’m always grateful for whatever comes my way and know that everything happens for a reason. I’m forever grateful for my family, my beautiful children and the home I've lived in for nearly twenty-six years.
I have just finished my Christmas cakes and made a batch of mince pies. My mum always comes to us on the day and enjoys her bucks fizz first thing before she starts to open her present. Traditions are funny things, we all have them and some are carried down from family to family.
My favorite seasonal songs are playing constantly throughout the day and everywhere is looking very festive and colorful…I just love it all! My children are all grown up now but when they were smaller the time was spent making our own decorations, designing Christmas cards and baking gingerbread men.
I loved doing all those things. I hope you all have a wonderful time whatever your traditions are.

Merry Christmas.

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