The Invisible Illness!

As we enter into the start of summer it seems that we're almost into half the year and I wonder where it has gone. Where is the warm weather? I ask myself! Although why I'm surprised that in the month of June I'm still wearing my Ugg boots I don't know. This is Great Britain after all where we could have hailstones in July and warm weather in October.

The strange wet weather that has been with us since last year is dismal and I wonder is it ever going to end. From hurricane force winds to hailstones the size of golf balls, I proclaim the weather has gone crazy. All I want is some warm weather long enough to colour my extremely white legs.

We all  experience mood changes that are affected by what we see when we draw our curtains in the morning. Sunshine= smile, rain= sad face. But in actual fact a lot of us use the word depression loosely and it is by far the most underrated word in the dictionary. It has so many different meanings that when we are faced with knowing someone who has hit a brick wall, who doesn't want to get up in the mornings...who doesn't want to live we don't know what to do.

 The invisible illness! You have nothing to show that you are ill, and understanding a person who has it can be difficult. It is so easy to dismiss it as having a bad day which makes it harder for someone to talk about what they are going through. People are unsure of what to say, it's not that easy to heal and sticking a band aid on it will not work.

It shows itself in various different ways and will almost certainly interfere in a persons ability to function. The feeling of hopelessness, emptiness and a numbness that has the power to completely lock out everything and everyone is overwhelming. The stigma of depression is easier today than in latter years although it still isn't the easiest thing to talk about.

Finding out about someone you know and care about and had been feeling this way was a wake up call that I didn't like. You wonder what you did wrong and why you didn't pick up on it before that person tried to take there own life!

I'm a big fan of tough love and saying it how it is after all we don't want them going down that same path again. Letting a person talk and being there to listen can mean the world to someone who suffers from depression. Realizing when something is wrong and recognizing the signs, and making them aware that being depressed is not something to frown at...depression is an invisible illness! 

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