Ageing with style.

Yes I’m over fifty and some days I feel it but age is like a good wine the older it gets the better the taste.
I’ve always been into alternative medicines and exercise and with spondylitisthesis I find that I need to keep my limbs strong and supple to support the framework. Getting enough exercise was running around after little ones but now that they are all older I’m  finding that apart from work I need to do extra exercise to keep fit. Even more so after having a full hysterectomy at the age of forty-six which left me with an early menopause that seemed to last for ever. Hot flushes immediately after surgery drove me mad.

At my age I’m not necessarily looking to pound the streets, now I need a more sedate way of keeping my body fit to accommodate the weariness and stiffness that the more mature time of my life brings. The unexpected pain that comes from my back is like a knock at the door, sometimes it’s pounding every second of the day and other time it only comes once in a while.

A Pilates reformer has been my saviour and for six years now it’s something I’ve trained with for three to five times a week. But now I find I’m really enjoying Yoga which is something I haven’t practised for ten years. I remember vividly that trying to do meditation in those days was never going to happen with teenagers in the house there was always a drama going on. Actually it’s still kinda hard to do, so last thing at night I take time to do this for ten minutes which helps with my insomnia.

The pilates has made my limbs more supple, but yoga is great for core strength and I would recommend this for any back sufferer. I like that you don’t have to spend hours doing it, I might be cooking dinner and I can do a small sequence in-between the veggies cooking. It’s not sweaty and it makes you feel so good afterwards.

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