Writing is my job and I love it but sometimes I need to walk away from my office and take time to do other things. That can be difficult because once I get into the midst of a new book and I’m totally involved I forget that other things in life happen outside of these four walls.

One of my hobbies is skincare. I used to own an organic skin care shop many years ago and I loved it but what really interests me is what goes into what we put on our skin which has me making all kinds of concoctions. Like most woman I am keen to stem of the signs of ageing and have done a lot of research into some of the ingredients that goes into this multi-million pound market.

As each year passes I see a new wrinkle, and I think that by the time I reach my seventies my face will resemble the map of Britain but each of those lines tells a story, a part of my life that has etched itself into my skin. At the age of fifty one  I am extremely consistent in my skin care routine and the products I use.

I make my own body oils, face cream, face oils and hand cream. I love to experiment with different ingredients.

Facial oil

Blend your own oils for great smooth skin and at a quarter of the price. Make 10mls at a time, I use a roller bottle of this size. All cold pressed and organic oils where possible. Use this oil on your skin at night then using your normal face cream over the top will push the oils further down the skin layers helping to soften those lines and keep them hydrated.
Avocado oil 20 drops, Prickly pear seed oil 10 drops , borage 10 drops, argon 10 drops, pomegranate 10 drops, cranberry 8 drops, blackcurrant 8 drops, carrot 8 drops( natural spf) rose-hip 8 drops, neroli (pure) 6 drops. Use on your skin at night, face, neck, décolleté, hands, nails and ends of dry hair. Your skin will be super soft and you will notice a difference within six weeks of using this. You can change the amounts you use to suit your own skin, make it specific for your type of skin.


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