Christmas Time!

Music is a part of my life like eating is to surviving. I love jazz/blues, Etta James, John Coltrane, and Mel Tormé. The list is endless with my latest discovery being Gregory porter. How many people can name a song that was significant to a part of their life’s that mattered…?

I was listening to my preferred  radio station this afternoon, Jazz FM and James Tormé  was presenting it and I hadn't realized that his father had written Chestnuts roasting by an Open Fire which is one of my most favorite Christmas songs which was a hit for the gorgeous Nat King Cole another one of my all-time preferred singers.

Which now has me thinking about Christmas and how very close it is…where has October gone? It’s passed me by in a blur and it seems like the older I get the quicker the days, months pass me by.

Do you remember when you were a kid and the days seemed to last a lifetime? Oh my I wish that was the case now.

Christmas is one of my much-loved time  of the year, off course now my children are grown up it takes away a little of the sparkle but I’m fortunate that I have nieces and nephews that keep the excitement alive. Although, my twenty four year old daughter will revert to her childhood. And with the same love of the holiday season as me, if you stand still long enough she’ll decorate you. The poor dogs even get wrapped in tinsel much too there disgust!!

My son reaches the ripe old age of 21 in four weeks and I find myself going down memory lane as those years are at the forefront of my mind. I shake my head and think wow; I can’t believe that he has reached an age where he has a girlfriend, a job and a car…Life really does pass by at a supersonic speed and I wouldn't have missed one second of it. There have been tough times and good times but each part has been lived and made them what they are today, I’m so proud of them that I couldn't possibly put it into words.

So at this time of year we would be saving all out toilet/kitchen toll holders and I would be buying cotton wool, glitter and coloring pens ready to make Christmas cards, and decorations for the house…it was such a great time of year for family time and Christmas music playing solidly for four weeks.

Christmas time is a wonder and excitement reflected in the decorations that erupt in homes. Making decorations with your children is a great way to be involved in a time of their life’s that will always be remembered. Mine still remember those days round the table making Santa Clauses.

All you need is-
Empty toilet roll holders
Red crepe paper,
Cotton wool,

Black velvet
Pipe cleaners

Hey presto home made Santa!

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