Natural oils are a great benefit to the skin. The skin care companies charge a great deal of money for these but why should we pay those ridiculous prices when its so easy to make the same product ourselves. Search the web, find a good quality shop that deals with cold pressed oils and make up your own blend to suit whatever will benefit your skin the most...its that easy! As the weeks go by I will be introducing more oils, some well know and some not so well known...

Cranberry Seed Oil 

Not just great for inner body health but also a great skin supplement either on its own or made into a blend with other oils Cranberry seed oil supplies the skin with critical essential nutrients. It contains a ratio 1:1 ratio of Omega-3, Omega-6 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are critical for normal skin function. The high concentration of tocotrienol antioxidants, found in cranberry seed oil, protect the skin from environmental pollutants.

Argan Oil

Argan Seed Oil ! Argan oil is considered to be an effective anti-aging oil due to properties such as the high levels of Vitamin E Tocopherols (anti-oxidants help neutralise free radical damage ' Use it on your nails and hair. It takes away fizz and replaces it with shine and definition.

Rose Hip Oil

Rosehip Seed Oil can help alleviate dermatitis, eczema, rebuild burns, scars, moisturize and soothes sun damaged skin, promote elasticity and firmness to help keep you looking younger. Great for helping to fade those dreaded stretch marks.I used it on my hysterectomy scar and now you can't even see it. Rosehip essential oil works great for all skin types; dry, blotchy, dull and oily skin. It is especially good for mature and ageing skin.


 Rose Hip

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