Just another day!

What a day... The more I try and write...the more times I get interrupted. The phone is constantly ringing, the dogs seem to be barking at everything and I swear that they can see a fly go past the window. Everyone is in and out like yo yo's and I'm getting more stressed by the minute and would give anything just to be able to shut the door and have my office totally sound proofed.

I lost my glasses down behind my desk and got my arm stuck trying to retrieve them, now I'm sporting a massive bruise on my arm after the humiliation of having my son and daughter try and pull me out...they thought it was funny and my twenty-three year old daughter was actually on her knees she was laughing so much...well I guess it was kinda funny!

Today was meant to be a writing day but that went out the window early on. The dog had an appointment for hydrotherapy, and then off to the vets to have her nails clipped…I swear she is such a diva and completely spoilt. Although only eight she is completely blind and has a slipped disc in her back which completely paralyzed her from the waist down. It has taken many hours of perseverance in the hydro pool and patience on our part getting her to at least be able to walk without a harness.

Now we take each day as it comes and are grateful when we get to the end of the week and she is still with us…

Today has also been a day of lots of skin care advice. This has been an interest of mine forever and a day. My curiosity in anti-ageing skincare is something that I have always loved to experiment with. I am in my element if talking about it and giving ladies and men advice about how best to care for their skin. It doesn't need to cost a lot; it’s about knowing what suits you and sourcing the write ingredients. We all know that the large cosmetic company’s command a fortune for these creams etc. However it's it’s all about the knowledge of what goes with what and what suits your skin type…I love to talk about it and experiment with different ingredients. 
My latest find is Padina Pavonica which is an  algae found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It’s commonly known as Peacocks tail which is clinically proven collagen boosting seaweed.

Now as a vegetarian I am always looking for alternatives to the bovine collagen that skin care companies tend to use because it is cheap. Unfortunately as we age the collagen in our skin decreases and this is what causes the wrinkles and sagging skin. So to sumerize the brown algae , Padina Pavonica is a seaweed extract that will boost the collagen and will in effect activate the production of your own body’s collagen which will then produce younger firmer looking skin…Well so they say!

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