Hiding behind my fingers I tentatively click on the Amazon link that leads to my newly published book 'Her Passionate Protector'. I want to look to see if I have any reviews but I'm a little wary in case no one has left one...It's such a heart stopping moment. All that hard work, all the sleepless nights and all you want is to know that someone has bought it and left a whopping five starts. Dare I...No I can't...Yes I must...Oh for goodness sake just look.
Moving my fingers wide enough to peep out of I look with one eye open and a whoosh of breath exits my lungs and I jump up and down in my chair like some demented person...Five, five star reviews...Woo hoo! Thank goodness!

I thought writing my book was going to be the toughest job ever and getting a publisher to like it...well I figured that would be almost impossible, and it was hard but eventually that dream came true. As far as I was concerned I was home and dry...

No, no, no,  I wasn’t dry at all I was soaking wet and slipping and sliding everywhere  as the hardest part of it all is the promotions, knowing where to go and how to do it and out of all the thousands of authors out there getting you're work noticed.

My publisher has given me some great advice and I am trying to find my way round this part of a writer’s life. It’s not easy, but I know a lot more than I did two months ago and I hope I will know a lot more two months further down the line.

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