November Already...

How can it be November already? It seems like only yesterday that I was panicking about taking the wrong plane when changing in Washington Dulles for Norfolk NC . The sun, the warmth and my yearly visit to see my best friend and her family.

Now it's only seven weeks until Christmas...yikes and not even a bag of dried fruit in for my Christmas cake! A friend has almost finished her holiday shopping...I haven't even thought about it...oh I tell a lie I bought some charity cards with Santa Claus on them that I will put somewhere and loose them only to end up buying more.

Today is my favorite day of the week...Sunday! It's the only day where I can say that I'm not working and no one wants me to do anything. Although the dreaded laundry is never at an end and even now sitting in my chair working on my laptop I can here the poor washer and dryer working crazily. I'm excited when I can see the bottom of the basket and then my son come down with a pile of dirty clothes that he's accumulated throughout the week,*bites my lip from saying something and rocking the peaceful atmosphere*

My interest in cosmetology is a hobby which I love. I make my own skincare to suit the weather and time of year. I love to make skincare oils and at this time of year when the coldness and harshness makes our skin dry it's time to bring out something  that will work that bit harder to keep those dreaded wrinkles at bay. Pure, powerful and organic which will hydrate, nourish, rejuvenate  and lift. I love to be able to work with the richer oils like avocado,tamanu, jojoba, rose-hip and prickly pear with pure rose and  neroli essential oil.

 To make these oils work even better for you combine them in a roller ball and use nightly beneath your normal night cream to push the oils deep into the upper dermis. Another great trick is to put a thick layer on tour skin and then spread over a face mask leave for twenty minutes and then wash off and I promise your skin will be like a baby's bottom, beautifully soft.

Prickly Pear plant...powerful anti-ageing oil.

Tamanu oil has many uses and a great added ingredient to your anti-ageing regime.

Rose-hip oil is such an incredibly nutritious skin care ingredient.

Rose oil reminds me of my grandma's garden when we used to pick the petals and make perfume.

Neroli oil is more expensive than gold use use it wisely a small drop is plenty.

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